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“Pro-Family” Crackpot Wants Gay Marriage Referred To As “Garriage”

Screen-Shot-2015-09-10-at-1.44.22-PMPat Fagan, the director of The Family Research Council‘s Marriage and Religious Research Institute, feels that opponents of marriage equality should refer to gay men’s marriage as “garriage,” and lesbian’s marriage as “larriage.” Right Wing Watch reports he proposed this in answer to Ryan T. Anderson, a marriage equality opponent who presented his new book Truth Overruled at FRC‘s office, saying:

A proposal, something along this line, that we in the pro-family movement start using related terms, but keep “marriage” for what it always was. So we might call — and this is to be worked out — but something like, if you’re talking about gay marriage you call it “garriage.” If it’s lesbian, you call it “larriage.” If you want a generic homosexual marriage, it’s “harriage.” But getting these words into use I think is key. And that will take time, but whomever holds the language ultimately holds the whole game.

Watch his ridiculous speech below.

H/t: LGBTQNation