Pro-Gay Republican Gets Cuomo’s Nod For Independent Run In NY State Senate

NY State Sen. Roy McDonald, one of four Republicans who cast a deciding vote to legalize marriage equality in the Empire State, lost his bid to be the GOP candidate in a tight primary that was only decided this week.

But now New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has stepped up and said McDonald (right) would get his “full endorsement” if the Saratoga County politico decided to seek a third-party candidacy.

“You stood up for your principles, for equality and for a population long victimized,” Cuomo wrote in a letter. “You should not be left to stand alone now.”

Though he lost the GOP ticket to challenger Kathy Marchione, McDonald remains on the Independence Party line, and is expected to announce whether he will continue his campaign or not.

With politicians and activists around the country watching the elections of New York’s four aisle-crossers, we hope that either he decides to keep his hat in the ring or Cuomo gives him a nice cushy position with his administration. Let’s have cronyism work for us for once.