Pro-Gay Rugby God Ben Cohen Hits London Sex Shop To Promote 2012 Calendar


It’s calendar season and Ben Cohen, the pro rugby player turned anti-bullying activist, stopped by London sex shop Prowler Soho the other week to sign copies of his hot new 2012 calendar.

Obviously the calendars flew off the shelves, but consumers don’t have to feel bad about viewing Cohen as a piece of meat: A portion of proceeds go to his StandUp Foundation, which combats bullying and harassment. (So pick up your copy today!)

Here’s a clip of Cohen making friends and signing copies. And in the next few pages, enjoy a preview from the calendar itself. As far as we’re concerned next year can’t come fast enough!

Images via Prowler


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  • Diamond

    He’s so HOT!

  • MEJ


    And this from the guy who clearly stated he was not into gay rights!

    Come again?

  • christopher di spirito

    Page 2 is so damned hot. Ben Cohen is the total package.

  • stag hag

    Is he trying to help gays or torture them?

  • lucifer

    Ben darling can you see in that closet?? Come on out man. The water is fine.

  • Michael W.

    Bet he’s a great fuck.

  • Ron Avila

    I want that T-shirt!

  • meego

    @christopher di spirito: Do you actually think before you type? You support him just because you think he is hot? Is that it? If he were average looking or ugly, and not your type, would you still defend him? I bet you wouldn’t! Go and read that article I linked. He himself says very clearly that he is not into gay rights. I’m not making this up. He said so himself. But of course, you’ll find a way to spin this in his favor…..because you happen to think he’s hit. Do you have any idea how idiotic that makes you sound? And you think I’m the one who is full of it? Speak for yourself!

  • dazzer

    @meego: I’m assuming you’re not in the UK, because ‘not being into gay rights’ in the UK isn’t quite the same as it is in somewhere like the US, for example. Because the UK is further ahead on the equality road than, for example, the US, there isn’t the need for people – gay or straight – to be as vociferous as they are in the US. A lot of things that the LGBT population in the US are courageously fighting for, are taken as a given in the UK by most Britons.

    For example, when Cohen was interviewed on morning TV in the UK last week, he pointed out that a driving force of his campaign was that everyone should be treated equally. Equality is the essential point of his anti-bullying campaign. He doesn’t see that preventing a child from being bullied is a specifically gay right.

    That said, Cohen is very clear that one of the major reasons he started this campaign is because when he realised that he had a massive gay fan base – and reached out to us when it was impossible to believe any professional world class sportsman would ever do that – he started hearing the stories of bullying that so many gay men and women had gone through.

    It was hearing those stories that chimed with what he’d gone through when his father was murdered while protecting an employee. As a straight man, he didn’t see any difference between the bullying of a straight child/person or a gay child/person. But, because anti-gay bullying is so prevalent, so vicious and can destroy lives, he wanted to concentrate his efforts on preventing anti-gay bullying. And he wanted to do it from the perspective of an incredibly successful sporting world hero.

    I’m not going to say that you’re full of shit, meego, but I don’t think you understand where Cohen is coming from. I don’t think you comprehend how much good his argument of ‘equality’ does in a political sense. He actively uses the offences against gay men and women to illustrate the injustice of inequality in wider society.

    The point he’s trying to make is that gay rights are a human right – not something that should be special or different.

    Also, Cohen isn’t setting himself up to make a fortune from the Pink Pound here. I know this isn’t a point you’re making or have made. Others have, though, and it should be addressed.

    Other members of his World Cup winning team have made millions by going into various financial industry positions. Even though Cohen gets mentioned a lot on gay blogs, he’s not going to make a fortune by heading up a charity. He’d be making a lot more money – and spending far more time with his wife and children – if he’d decided to go into the City (of London – the financial district) or become a media talking head, rather than trying to do something to improve other human beings’ lives.

    Meego, when Cohen discovered he had a massive gay following, he didn’t run away from it or pretend it wasn’t happening or get embarrassed. Instead, he embraced all those people and when he heard their stories, he dedicated his post-rugby career to making other people’s lives better – especially gay and lesbian people.

    If you can’t see how Cohen’s campaign is trying to make life better for gay people, then the problem is yours, meego, not his.

    [I was going to stop there, meego, but having re-read this humungously long post, it looks like a typical internet attack on someone. That wasn’t my intent and sorry if you read it that way.]

  • Andre Wright

    Ben is so hot!!! This is the right guy for me.

  • John

    Considering this is for a calendar, these photos suck…him laying on a bed looking casual? Thats pretty lame.

  • ed riseman

    excuse me, but Ben Cohen has clearly stated he is working against bullying … why does that make him “against gay rights”?

    meego … lot’s of people get bullied .. not just gays ..

  • christopher di spirito

    @meego: @meego: Yes Meego, you’re full of shit.

    Ben Cohen on Marriage Equality:

    “It’s nice to be in love with someone and, of course, you want to have that extra bond of being married and not perceived to be different. And that because you’re gay you can’t experience being married is wrong. For me being married is very important.”

    But, Ben is a vicious, antigay bigot and homophobe. Right, Meego? Isn’t that right?

    FACT: Ben Cohen is universally embraced by the LGBT community in the UK and EU, and the USA and in Canada. He’s respected by such groups as Campus Pride, the Human Rights Campaign, the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and the Trevor Project. But Meego wants us to believe Ben Cohen is a fraud.

    No Meego, you’re the fraud; a stupid troll who loiters about on Queerty where he gets his ass handed to him, over and over and over. But, negative attention is better than no attention at all.

  • Jeff

    This guy is a tool and he’s using gay men, LGBT people, and our issues to make cash. Then again if you mention this to the old queens or eldergays they get all up in arms since they obsess over him and gush over how he’s “OMG Soooooooooo hot!”

  • WillBFair

    Huba huba.

  • dazzer

    @Jeff: When you can show Cohen is making massive money about a charity campaign, you get to slag off everyone else as an ‘eldergay’. Until then, you get called a fuckwit – irrespective of your age.

    I’d call you a witless wanker – but I don’t think you have the hand-to-eye co-ordination to make that insult work…

  • shannon


  • declanto

    @shannon: Ditto, and all the fuckwits can wank at the most puh-thetic, ordinary meatballs and confuse them with beefcake. Ben may actually have a penis but is that all it takes to enthrall the queer community? How’s that reality check going?

  • Panserbjorne

    @shannon: Perhaps you could provide us with a primer on how to spot a truly exceptionally handsome man since most of us obviously don’t have your taste and gift for determining the ordinary from the beautiful. I, for example, always thought that things and people are sometimes beautiful precisely because they are ordinary–how simple and ignorant of me!

  • leQ

    if you had the picture of ben, that i do, you’d think twice about what you’re saying shannon. ben is my hero. period. in every way. so suck off bitch. talk to me when you grow a pair.

  • Kyle

    Gosh, I hate this guy. He exploits gay men so terribly, and desperate, lonely queens eat it up. This asshole flies first class to his speaking events. He left rugby because old gay men paid better. The HRC licks this guy’s asshole,and yes he is laughing at all of those pathetic homosexuals all the way to the bank. Nobody respects gay people, nobody, and does it surprise you? This scum bag takes your money under the guise of gay rights. That is amoral. I hope karma smacks this exploitive asshole hard in the face. His supporters might not see it now, but he’s manipulating you and cashing in on gay rights.

  • Brad

    Agree Kyle! It’s sickening reading these comments from pathetic gay men spreading wide for those douche bag. But, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Keep fillin this a-hole’s bank account. Shameful. Little gay kids are blowing their brains out, and this p-o-s is flying first class, and wearing designer suits at speaking engangements while rolling around half naked on beds for calendars making a very nice living off of our oppression. Beyond immoral.

  • Kyle

    Haha! I know, I’m looking at this guy’s first photo, and he has a shirt on that reads stand up against bullying, meanwhile he has a picture of himself half naked on a bed. How can anybody take this shit seriously? Lol, what a joke. I’m laughing at that stupid picture. This guy is so awful, lol.

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