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Pro golfer Justin Thomas issues apology over use of anti-gay slur

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Professional golfer Justin Thomas–currently ranked #3 in the world–has apologized for the use of an anti-gay slur while on the course last week.

“It’s inexcusable,” Thomas said, reports CBS. “First off, I just apologize. I’m an adult. I’m a grown man; there’s absolutely no reason for me to say anything like that. It’s terrible. I’m extremely embarrassed. It’s not who I am; it’s not the kind of person that I am or anything that I do. Unfortunately, I did it, and I have to own up to it, and I’m very apologetic.”

The incident occurred as Thomas took to the green during round three of the Sentry Tournament of Champions in Hawaii. While putting on the fourth hole, he missed a 5-foot look at par. Thomas grunted the word “f-ggot” as a cruse. A live mic caught the utterance, which sparked an immediate outcry on social media.

Thomas further explained that he didn’t realize he was on a hot mic at the time.

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His comment also brought immediate condemnation from the PGA. “As he expressed after his round, we agree that Justin’s comment was unacceptable,” the organization said in a statement. Thomas also faces a possible fine over the slur.

The moment also may have had an effect on Thomas’ golf game. He shot a 66 on the course the following day, losing his place in the playoffs by one stroke.

“Obviously had a lot of other things on my mind last night,” he said. “I mean, I apologized yesterday. I don’t need to explain myself. I clearly screwed up. I made a terrible, terrible judgment call. But I thought a lot last night that, we grow a lot as people over time. I wish that I could learn to grow a different way than the way that I chose to do it, but unfortunately, it’s in the past and there’s nothing I can do about it now. And again, it definitely was a distraction out there today. But now I just get to take time going forward and try to become better because of it.”

This isn’t the first time Justin Thomas’ language has landed him in trouble on the course. The 27-year-old golfer is known for his hot temper, and hot microphones have picked up his use of profanity on the green, usually after missing a shot.

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  • danny

    Therapy anyone?

    • edensasp

      Only if he was talking to me, was he? Self-debasing…. ????

  • marshal phillips

    They always say it’s not really them when caught on tape.

  • Fahd

    I watched his apology video; he seemed sincere. Considering that he’s from Alabama (or at least went to college there) and he probably grew up in an environment where there was acceptance/reinforcement of this sort of hatred of anyone different and he is still relatively young, I would cut him a little bit of slack as he adjusts and learns from the real world.. [Whether or not I find him cute is irrelevant.] I hope he does get fined, as that will help to modify this unacceptable behavior.

  • amanwithanedge

    “it’s not who I am”. bullshit, it’s exactly who you are, bigot.

    • dhmonarch89

      Ding Ding Ding- Bullseye!

  • Prowelsh56

    Oh! Lord! all the people who open their mouths, say something that could potentially hurts their reputations and $$$, then plead ” it’s not who I am.” I do think this should be confronted because in not doing so, the boundaries of what’s right and wrong are once again blurred. We always seem to give the perps a way out! Enough of this pc. Call this and him what it is. A shining example of elite ( in the instance) bigotry.

    • yup5hioop

      be nice if we could get most religious texts banned cuz they live on forever and like clockwork throw us under a bus – lord indeed – a hot mic moment on an situation that has nothing to do with us besides say our sisters in the sport 🙂 should be forgotten like a thousand other missed puts that occur daily

  • renzinthewoods

    I’m sorry, but that’s not even how you use that word…or is he in the habit of cursing himself? Just weird.

    • RyanMBecker

      Yes, he’s known to have a hot temper — but it’s always been directed at himself. So yes, he does curse at himself. As have I, although I have never used that particular slur.

  • yup5hioop

    sounds like he was using a throw away curse almost all of which are offensive to somebody if he was alone and caught up in the frustration of the moment still beats living in Poland apology accepted

  • Heywood Jablowme

    “Thomas grunted the word ‘f-ggot’ as a cruse.” Really? Who was he “crusing,” lol? Queerty’s typos are always entertaining.

    But I’ve hardly ever heard the f-word used as a curse. Was he calling the golf ball a f-ggot?

    • RyanMBecker

      No, he was calling himself that for failing to make an easy putt. The underlying message is that gays are losers. But a lot of people, including myself, think that his use was unconscious, acclimated by growing up in the South. He meant no harm.

  • Smith David

    It’s as if using a gay slur on a “hot-mic” is somehow now trendy…..child please. I didn’t know who the hell he was before this and will forget him in 2 secs…..bye Felicia…..

  • mailliw110

    I’m still wondering why golf is considered a sport.

    • yup5hioop

      lots of Lesbians in golf it’s kinda a common joke even in a tracy Ullman skit about conversion therapy

  • RyanMBecker

    Friends of mine who know him say that he’s not homophobic. He did not aim the slur at anyone, and never intended it to be heard. He was calling himself that in frustration. That’s said, it’s still an homophobic use even if he himself is not homophobic, and no hurt was meant. He says that he didn’t even realize he said it and I believe him. It was just one of those words carelessly thrown around when he was a child. I’ve heard friends mutter the word “n*gger” and “gay” in the same way. The incident will teach him to be more careful and that’s a good thing. The apology was sincere and arrived quickly, and he offered no defense or excuses. It was not advised nor approved by his public relations team. So let’s just move on and focus on real homophobes.

    • RyanMBecker

      Plus, he wears lots of pink (both shirt and pants) and lavender which suggests that he’s not hung up on sexual or gender labels. Google photos of him.

    • yup5hioop

      I think people are just frustrated and going for easy targets who actually will apologize for basically a faux pas. I would love to see more coverage of religious leaders who really do hate us and will always do so not just say something stupid in an irrelevant situation. Someone missing a put is not a hate crime.

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