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Pro wrestler Anthony Bowens says showering with other dudes made him fearful of coming out

In a new episode of PEOPLE’s Coming Out Stories, professional wrestler Anthony Bowens once again opens up about his coming out experience.

In the video, Bowens explains that he kept his bisexuality a closely guarded secret from friends and family for many years. Even after he and Michael entered a relationship, he asked if they could keep things discreet.

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“It’s funny thinking about it now,” 27-year-old Bowens recalls, “but I was so scared back then.”

He continues, “As athletes, you’re a very close-knit group of people. You play on the field together. You’re changing together. You’re showering together. It made me unsure of, like, hey, if I did come out, would they accept me?”

It wasn’t until he appeared in a YouTube video where he talked about Michael as his “boyfriend” that Bowens’ peers saw it and, to his surprise, were supportive of him.

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Bowens says the response was “overwhelmingly positive.”

“And then I broke down,” he says. “And it just …It was just a relief.”