Take Me Out

Pro Wrestler Mr. Grim Will “Take Anyone Out” in the Ring and in real life

Name: Mr. Grim, 31

Bio: Known as the “hitman for hire”, the pro-wrestler Chris Lewis aka Mr. Grim has been a prominent figure in the scene for years. In 2018, he won the 1CW Triple Crown Tournament. The Wrestler’s Lab and Raise the Bar Wrestling heavyweight champion remains unsigned today: he’s been in the pro-wrestling scene since 2013, but clearly, he’s just getting started.

Coming Out: This year, citing pro-wrestler Nyla Rose as his inspiration, Lewis posted on Twitter this January that he identifies as openly pansexual after years of struggling to define his sexuality. No sooner did Mr. Grim come out than fans flocked to the comments to cheer him on, including Nyla Rose herself, the first transgender pro-wrestler to win a major American promotion.

“For years, I’ve struggled with my identity.” Grim tweeted on January Too worried about how others would feel or think about me. I’ve finally gained the courage to openly express that im Pansexual. Thank you
@NylaRoseBeast for being my inspiration, supportive and holding my hand throughout this process.”

Chosen Family: “The life of an independent wrestler, sometimes it’s not easy,” Mr. Grim explained in a 2018 documentary about his rise in the wrestling world, Body Bagged: The Mr. Grim Story. A devoted father, Grim has always put family first. In the ring, however, he’s an equal-opportunity destroyer. He’ll “take out whoever needs to be taken out,” including women, alters, heels, or whoever crosses his path in the ring, and after he does, you’ll be put in a body bag, rest assured. By coming as pan, Mr. Grim has stayed true to his fans and his image: gender matters less and less in the world of wrestling, and Mr. Grim is here to help us embrace the future. Grim was named as one of GoProWrestling’s top unsigned talent of 2021, so we can look forward to seeing his star rise in the coming years.

“A lot of times when #blackexcellence in wrestling is discussed, I often get overlooked.” Grim wrote in an August 2020 Instagram post. “Im left out of conversations, not considered for polls, and in certain cases, disrespected. My work, resume, and career thus far speaks for itself. You can ignore the accomplishments, but you can’t erase #HISTORY.”

You certainly can’t.