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Pro Wrestler Tweets Homophobic Remarks In Response To Marriage Equality In Delaware


Shortly after Delaware passed a marriage equality bill, making it the 11th state to legal gay marriage, Ring of Honor world wrestling champion Jay Briscoe tweeted some homophobic remarks.


Briscoe’s comments definitely came out of nowhere and his account was quickly deactivated. Yet, they didn’t go unnoticed by sports writers.

“Jay Briscoe’s latest homophobic outburst on Twitter should not only embarrass ROH management, but also the whole wrestling industry,” Keith Harris wrote for SB Nation. “It’s one thing to politely disagree with gay marriage, quite another to say that you would commit acts of violence on anyone who teaches your children that it’s OK.”

Surprisingly, pro wrestling has largely stayed out of the gay marriage and gay athlete discussions over the past year. But this will likely draw the sport into the conversation.

Meanwhile, this isn’t even remotely the first time an athlete has used Twitter to make homophobic remarks. Miami Dolphins player Mike Wallace tweeted ignorant remarks about Jason Collins‘ coming out. Footballer Daniel tweeted a homophobic comment about Olympic diver Tom Daley. (OutSports has rounded up even more.) Clearly athletes at all levels need social media training in addition to sensitivity training. Or better yet, a ban from Twitter.

[Screen Grabs: Towleroad; Image: SB Nation]

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  • Dakotahgeo

    All sports are a majority of good people who support humans. Then we get the minority of freaks who want to shoot and destroy everything! Great! I get to go first!!!

  • Kenover

    He certainly looks like a model parent.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    This is very disappointing. Usually when someone says something stupid, and anti-gay I can forget about because they mean nothing to me. But Jay Briscoe, (along with his brother, Mark) is one of my favorite wrestlers, and Ring of Honor is some of the best wrestling out there. I hate to admit it, but this really bothers me.

  • Dionte

    If he has a gay kid, it’s in danger with him as a parent.

  • avesraggiana

    He looks like he just needs a good fuck in the butt to straighten him out.

  • d3clark48

    What a truly courageous guy. H8s on Delaware’s government and anyone who favors same-sex marriage. Then threatens to shoot anyone who tells his kids that same-sex marriage is OK. Then he deactivates his account so he can hide from any criticism. Great example to show your kids, coward.

    It is noteworthy that “professional” wrestling has always been about showboating, stunts, trash talking, cheerleader chicks, wild costumes, etc. to get attention, draw crowds and, ultimately generate money and rematches. Perhaps Briscoe the Bimbo is just trying to get some right-wingers to come to his next “wrestling” event.

  • myrdraal2001

    Who is this moron? Also, Queerty, to call this pudding brain an athlete is kind of stretching things a bit. Just because he is athletic and has an athletic job doesn’t mean that the outcome isn’t predetermined long before the wrestlers get in the ring. If he is playing the “Heel” it means that he is the bad guy and he could have tried to use this for his act. I’m willing to bet that most of the people in the US never heard of him before this. By him saying this and you picking up this story you’ve just made him and his organization famous. In effect, we’ve all fed the troll.

  • Scribe38

    @Mr. E. Jones: I know the feeling, sometimes people we really like turn out to be a//holes. Still remember when I was 16 and heard a rock singer I really liked say the “n-word”. Until that point I was mostly likely his biggest blk fan. Some crap just stays with you.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @avesraggiana: Ohhhh Gawd!!! Perish the thought!!! The only Ring of Honor Brissy sports is that which he sits on. What a boring, brainless sport! The only thing I would truly deplore from him is an apology… can you IMAGINE how contrite THAT would sound??!!

  • Nikkidane

    Could he be any more cliché? Homophobic macho wrestler with tattoos. Gee that’s original…Not!

  • hotshot70

    well, let’s see how long his career continues when the LBGTQ community speaks out. ROH may have a storyline where “he seems to have been hurt and is unable to wrestle, due to a Pride flag wedged deep in his…”

  • oilgun

    He looks like a gay porn star. Too bad he’s such a douche.

  • Charles175

    Body by Nautilus brain by Mattel. A real primitive Neanderthal. Nasty.

  • tardis

    Now THIS is what I call homophobia. These type of comments are extremely heartbreaking and depressing, considering they reinforce the notion of people not learning from our past.

  • hotshot70

    Get his Twitter account deleted. Ban him from FB and other media.

  • hotshot70

    I guess ROH deleted his twitter account and are forcing him to give his salary for next 2 events to a charity.

  • DarkZephyr

    @hotshot70: Yup, which is all in the link that I posted that several comment posters seem to have missed. ROH is in support of the LGBT community.

  • iBLOW

    WHO, really unless your talking about WWE and maybe TNA your talking about a irrelevant wrestling company in the United States.

  • rcs831

    Oh, I’m Jay Brisco, I go to work and roll around with oiled up buff guys and get paid for it but I’m not gay. RIGHT!

  • Reality101

    These are violent threats. The homophobes are seriously losing it.

    A string of anti gay crimes in the heart of NYC in one week alone. Gay couples getting their property messed with all over the country this past month, more so than usual. Heck, my girl friend and I being nearly attacked for hugging at a mall by a group of thugs yelling d-kes at us. Enough is enough. We need to start combating SOCIETAL homophobia. Legislative homophobia may be winning, and thank goodness. But I swear societal homophobia is getting way too militant.

  • Caleb in SC

    There are about a million things worse to explain to your kids than two people being in love and wanting to spend the rest of their life together. Any time someone raises the “what-about-the-children?” flag, they automatically lose credibility in my mind.

  • d3clark48

    @DarkZephyr: I’m not sure that ROH is supportive of the LGBTQ community at all. They’re doing damage control. His “fags” comment and his bashing of same-sex marriage got things stirred up, though not much in the mainstream media. But the “shoot you” remark, in light of the failed background check legislation could make this into a mainstream issue very quickly with ROH getting lots of negative publicity and losing an ton of money. And the “apology” will be a Republicanology: “My remarks were taken out of context. I regret it if anyone was offended by my statements. I didn’t man to offend anyone.” Translation: I hate all of you. a I didn’t mean to offend anyONE, I meant to offend ALL of you. I haven’t changed my mind in the least, but ROH has me by the balls and is forcing me to make this public apology.

  • tdx3fan

    If you do not have what it takes to succeed in your sport and you want to get national attention anyways then bash the gays. That is basically what this about. If the media would stop giving attention to all of these “homophobic” (in quotes because I believe many of them are actually playing it up for the attention) then they would stop coming out with this message.

    @Reality101: Yet you honestly lobby against the right to own a gun to protect yourself and to conceal carry. There is a reason that my property has never been messed with in all the years I have been out, and that is because my family has had a pretty decent reputation of shooting anyone that would be caught doing so on sight. As long as this violence continues, I will push even harder for my rights to responsible gun ownership and self-defense.

  • balehead

    Most homophobia still comes from gays…..

  • viveutvivas

    Wrestlers are by definition more than a little gay. It is overcompensation.

  • mykelb

    Bigots raising idiot children. Fantastic.

  • Spike

    This sort hate only confirms that marriage equality IS on the right track.

    As for whether or not this luggnutt’s opinion matters, lets see pro wrestler, def not.

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