Twitter Fail

Pro Wrestler Tweets Homophobic Remarks In Response To Marriage Equality In Delaware


Shortly after Delaware passed a marriage equality bill, making it the 11th state to legal gay marriage, Ring of Honor world wrestling champion Jay Briscoe tweeted some homophobic remarks.


Briscoe’s comments definitely came out of nowhere and his account was quickly deactivated. Yet, they didn’t go unnoticed by sports writers.

“Jay Briscoe’s latest homophobic outburst on Twitter should not only embarrass ROH management, but also the whole wrestling industry,” Keith Harris wrote for SB Nation. “It’s one thing to politely disagree with gay marriage, quite another to say that you would commit acts of violence on anyone who teaches your children that it’s OK.”

Surprisingly, pro wrestling has largely stayed out of the gay marriage and gay athlete discussions over the past year. But this will likely draw the sport into the conversation.

Meanwhile, this isn’t even remotely the first time an athlete has used Twitter to make homophobic remarks. Miami Dolphins player Mike Wallace tweeted ignorant remarks about Jason Collins‘ coming out. Footballer Daniel tweeted a homophobic comment about Olympic diver Tom Daley. (OutSports has rounded up even more.) Clearly athletes at all levels need social media training in addition to sensitivity training. Or better yet, a ban from Twitter.

[Screen Grabs: Towleroad; Image: SB Nation]