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Professional hedonist John Waters refuses to do this one thing…

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“I’ve never been on Grindr, even though they offered me a job–to have an advice column. They had so many people on Grindr that aren’t looking for sex that they were trying to develop content, but I don’t know, I can’t be the Ann Landers of Grindr. I can’t be on there. What am I going to say? I see sex things where they say, ‘Come on over and we’ll watch a John Waters movie!’ I’ve got ‘em all, I’ll be there.”–Legendary film director John Waters, explaining that he finds the idea of using Grindr absurd at his age. In the same interview with The Stranger, the 75-year-old auteur also revealed he would get injections in his face or take a suppository if it would protect him against COVID-19.