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Professor who heckled Ivanka is receiving feces-covered hate mail

The Hunter College professor who made headlines after her husband was kicked off a JetBlue flight for heckling Ivanka Trump is now reportedly receiving loads of hate mail, some of which arrived covered in white powder and feces, according to The New York Post

The powder has been tested and deemed safe (ie, not anthrax), but police are investigating the as-yet anonymous sender.

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The letters were sent to Matthew Lasner’s office on the Upper East Side, and contain slurs like “God hates f*gs” and “Next time you and your f*g husband die.”

Following the confrontation at JFK on December 22, Lasner and his husband, lawyer Dan Goldstein, have received countless vicious tweets and trollish book reviews on Amazon.

The couple, who are based in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, were kicked off the San Francisco-bound plane when Goldstein began screaming at Ivanka Trump, who was sitting in the coach section as passengers boarded.

Witnesses claim Goldstein yelled, “Your father is ruining the country!”

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Minutes beforehand, Lasner tweeted, “Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5. Flying commercial … My husband chasing them down to harass them.”

On Thursday, Hunter college released the following statement:

Hunter College contacted the NYPD immediately after noticing a suspicious package. This is an ongoing NYPD investigation and Hunter is continuing to cooperate.”

“That’s really gross,” said 18-year-old Hunter student Juliette Weiss, after a reporter told her about the letters.

She continued:

Regardless of political opinion people should still be respected. It was out of line for him and his husband to confront Ivanka and her family on the plane. For them to tweet hateful things is not acceptable, but that doesn’t make other people’s hate comments about sexuality or political opinion acceptable either.”

For now, that’s all we know about this firebrand named Juliette Weiss, but we’ll update the story as more info becomes available.

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  • loren_1955

    Sadly, seems to be the America that 16 years of Republican leadership and Trump have created. We are going to see a lot more from the haters and bigots unleashed these past years.

  • VampDC

    Good. He does not represent our community.

    He is a hateful man who attacked a mother in a non-political setting. She was flying for the holidays and with her children like any one else.

  • oregonduckbrad

    “The Hunter College professor who made headlines after her husband…” HER husband? Are you guys even reading your own copy? Editing?? Sheesh. It was a gay couple, and I would’ve thought a gay publication would’ve understood that one…

  • abnerb

    I want to go into women’s bathrooms if there are pretty women in there & if a pretty woman wants to use men’s bathrooms, then that is fine with me. I want a pretty woman to go into men’s bathrooms but I wouldn’t want uglies like Ellen Lee DeGeneres and Rosie T. O’Donnell shitting in any bathroom as they’re ugly so Ellen & Rosie can shit in diapers. Ellen Lee DeGeneres & Rosie T. O’Donnell both probably like to have farting & shitting contests in bathrooms, so Ellen & Rose both want to do battleshits contest in men’s bathrooms since women’s toilets got dirtied by them.

  • Danny279

    @abnerb: Of course they don’t read their own copy. They don’t have editors because editors cost money and the writers themselves make a pittance. So it just isn’t worth it. The business model is to shovel garbage at LGB people and make money off of click revenue.

  • ray_weeks

    he hasnt even taken the oath yet….. seriously and he is ruining the country?????

    we fought for years to not be hassled, attacked physically and verbally, to live life in peace

    and we go and do the same things we fought against to a Mother in front of her children on an airplane? brag about it and advertise we are going to do it….then when it blows up play the victim card……

    and it aint just the GOP– lord have mercy…… whole lot of democrats in power now have been liars-cheats-law breakers-obstuctionist-arrogant-labelers–

  • Neonegro

    The harassers of a woman and her children get harassed…..Sweet Justice.

  • Walker

    What’s being done to him is inappropriate. But what he did was also inappropriate, and we as a community really have to stop being f***ing hypocrites about this stuff.

  • Captain Obvious

    You know this isn’t even about Republican or Democrat. The world is getting really disgusting with the crying about people having differing opinions and feeling the need to get REVENGE because of that.

    It’s like everyone is an actual baby now. You don’t need to cry because someone has a different opinion. You don’t need to direct comment and attention to them because of their opposing view. You don’t need vengeance because they dared to have an opinion that doesn’t jive with yours if they don’t concede to your view point.

    In short: Grow the f up.

  • JoeyRamone

    @VampDC: Oh, please, you pussy, except the professor wasn’t wholly correct: Trump isn’t ruining our country. Uneducated, unemployed hicks are ruining it. Trump puts his crap out there, expect it to blow back in his face. Prepare yourself for a feces-flying four years, little girl.

  • JoeyRamone

    @Neonegro: except she and her power grabbing husband put themselves in the mix and on the stage. They should have thought about the consequences. The kids will grow up rich and psychologically twisted. They better get used to the fire. the Trump family threw the first match. What a bunch of little girls on this site. Fight for your rights, biatches. The country and environment are about the get raped third-world style. I’d gladly spit on any Trump that passed my path.

  • lostom1

    Please they make me sick. I am a proud Gay man and if some jerk Stalked and harassed my sister and her children he wouldn’t be talking. They set back Homosexuals with adopted children back into the Taboo drama zone.

  • Sluggo2007

    You would think that two Jews would have more sense. After all, they’re always complaining how oppressed they’ve been throughout history.

  • Mo Bro

    You said, “Except she and her power grabbing husband put themselves in the mix and on the stage. They should have thought about the consequences. The kids will grow up rich and psychologically twisted. They better get used to the fire.”

    You’re referring to the Obamas, right?

  • jasentylar

    @Mo Bro: try that with Obama and the Secret Service will put you down faster than you can say Aleppo.

  • Mo Bro

    Unlikely, since I’m biracial like Barry O., and today’s PC climate dictates that anyone who messes with us half-breeds is just plain evil and deserving of endless tortures. I call it PC Teflon, and I love utilizing it when the left calls me out for being pseudo-conservative.

    I wonder if you’re as Islamophobic, transphobic, [email protected], misogynist, Asianophobic, and Hispanophobic as you are anti-Semitic. Or do you just exclusively hate Jews?

  • Neonegro

    @JoeyRamone: Feel free to spit at a Trump and they or their supporters should feel free to gaybash you in return.

    So go for it.

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