Spoiler: It's Totally Light...

Project Rungay Rundown

Looking for all the gay gossip on the new issue of Project Runway? If you answered “yes,” then you’ll be happy to hear that actress and big-time fag hag Shari Albert dropped 1713 words on Bravo’s latest sartorial celebration.

In addition to professing her crazed love for Carson Kressley, Albert gives us the lowdown on the show’s record-setting queers, including “gay boy genius” Christian Siriano.

…Siriano is so gay he makes Austen Scarlett of Season 1 seem like Rock Hudson. Oh wait, I mean Tom Cruise. Oh, that doesn’t work either… Christian is so gay he makes Austen Scarlett seem like Rupert Everett! Shit.

Ok, how about Sir Ian McKellen? George Michael? Sean Patrick Harris?

Man, is anyone straight?

Christian is only 21 and the baby of Season 4. He’s incredibly talented and has ‘tude for days.

From the way Albert describes him, Siriano could very well could be a real-life, adult version of Ugly Betty’s gay nephew, Justin.