Project Runway All Stars Brings Back Austin Scarlett But Not Heidi Klum

After a curiously low-key kickoff to the latest season of Project Runway, Lifetime appears to be giving Project Runway All-Stars, set to debut later this year, a somewhat bigger push. The spin-off competition’s familiar faces include former contestants like Anthony Williams, Austin Scarlett, Jerell Scott, Michael Costello, Mondo Guerra and Rami Kashou, as well as fan favorite ladies like Sweet P, irritaining villainess Kenley Collins, April Johnston and early season vets like Kara Janx.

Chapman, Coles, Lindval and Mizrahi

And sure, that’s great. Sweet P should be on TV all the time, frankly. Mondo too. But that’s where the fun ends, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum are, in the chilly, German-accented vernacular of the show, “out.” Subbing for the bosses are Isaac Mizrahi, Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman (also married to Runway super-producer Harvey Weinstein) and Marie Claire editor-in-chief Joanna Coles. Meanwhile, hosting duties fall to American model Angela Lindvall.

That’s right, an American.

That means no awesome teutonic takedowns. No more withering Klum-isms like “home-sewn.” No more blithe disregard for sleep-deprived designers. Honestly, it feels weird that they’re even going to bother calling it Project Runway if HK isn’t around. Some of the contestants might not even understand what show they’re on.

Of course, Lindvall could help fill in the affection gap by getting pregnant, but that’s a level of brand commitment she might not be ready for just yet.


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  • Cam

    So we’ve got Weinstein’s wife, and Mizrahi, who was already on a Runway knockoff show that didn’t do well.


  • Jesse

    I think you mean aus, not auf.

  • velocifero

    Rami Kashou is an ex-porn star. (Maybe he is still doing porn.) You can find his movies out there on line, though I do not know what his porn name was. Sorry, this show sounds Boring. I can’t sit though another season of April and Kenley. And Isaac Mizrahi is as about as credible a fashion critic as Marcus Bachmann.

  • xander

    I never understood Heidi Klum’s supposed ‘charms.’ Mizrahi, as @volicifero said, strikes out more often than not. (Yawns)
    These “all star” programmes seem to attract only the die-hard fans, which leaves the rest of us missing out on all the ‘in-jokes.’

    Now, what’s wrong with “home-sewn” anyway? Lol.

  • Brandon H

    NO, NOT MIZRAHI! Anybody but him! He was sooo dull on those Bravo runway ripoffs.

    And really, why can’t the veteran judges just do this one too?


    Guess Lifetime takes a lifetime to learn from its mistakes………The first season the show moved there from Bravo and the show was set in LA without the regular judges on a regular basis was an absolute trainwreck……..The show is an absolute guilty pleasure and a major reason is the inane comments and attitutes we have come to expect…..

    No Tim Gunn????? Good lord, thats like having a reunion of all the “ex-Gays” who have “graduated” from Marvelous Marcus Bachmans institute to de-Gay the Gays with out the big fat queen herself……… :p

  • Disgusted Gay American

    I see this guy and I automatically think of a YOUNG Jonathon Harris ie: Dr Smith from Lost in Space!

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