‘Project Runway’ Contestant Opens New York Boutique

Emmett McCarthy Skating Project Runway

All the criticism that Emmett McCarthy received from his fellow contestants on Project Runway about his lack of sewing ability hasn’t prevented him from opening a new store on Elizabeth St. in SoHo, and stocking it full of casual elegant pieces presumably sewn by other people for minimum wage.

The store, which is called EMC² (kind of clever, kind of nerdy), opened at the same time as the conclusion of the current Project Runway season, and Emmett threw an opening party last week. Diana Eng was the only fellow reality star to attend, and we hear she was handing out those cute “Fashion Nerd” buttons she makes.

We wish Emmett the best of luck, even if the Village Voice compared his designs to things you might find at Scoop and Intermix, two stores that sell exclusively overpriced, tacky junk.

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