‘Project Runway’ Gay Gets Naked

Project Runway‘s HIV positive hottie Jack Mackenroth made many a pretty picture for photographer Frank Louis.

Too bad we won’t see that much of Mackenroth on Bravo’s sartorial reality show.

Check out some more NSFW shots after the jump.

Still want more of Mackenroth’s manhood? Well, head on over to Frank Louis’ website, you horny beast, you!

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  • spunkbox

    That delicious booty is tres chic. Yum!

  • Mark D

    OMG, he is hot! He could plow my runway any day.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Looks like Tarzan Talks Like Jane. No doubt he swims because otherwise he would spontaneously combust being such a flamer.

  • qjersey

    While he’s “pretty,” “inshape” and obviously “nicely hung,” he looks like too many other HIV+ white guys over 30 in NYC: tattoo’d, gymed and oversexualized. YAAAAAAAWN. His type is a dime a dozen, but he’s a another reality show castoff out whoring for more publicity.

  • hisurfer

    In that case – I’ll take twelve, please. Here’s a dime.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Hmmm, let’s see: He’s typical “HIV+ white guy over 30 in NYC”; he’s a “flamer.” Wow, jealousy takes such petty, nasty forms.

    I really don’t care about his HIV status or his nasal inflections. I think he’s got a tasty ass.

  • Gregg

    Adorable! But why oh why Queerty do you insist on posting spoilers without noting it in the headline? I already read your previous story, so it’s not a spoiler for me anymore. But did you really need to say “we won’t see that much of” him and ruin it for those who might not have already known?

    And Alan down in Florida – your self loathing is showing. Ya might want to clean that up. But, oh no, of course, cleaning is woman’s work.

  • Allen

    Oh, qjersey is just upset that he wasn’t chosen to be on the show and Jack did. :D

    Jack is attractive and seems like a sweet guy. :D

    I can’t wait to see him on the big screen in the Sex and the City movie. :D

  • Charlie

    “reality show castoff out whoring for more publicity”

    you must be confusing him with Reichen what’s his name

  • Stormin Norman

    Mackenroth…wow some smoking hot Irish Jew just made my afternoon. Whether he had a first communion or a bar mitzvah, I’m betting all the angels really want to screw him.

  • HL

    He has a tramp stamp!?

  • GranDiva

    A really big tramp stamp.

  • chriso

    I wish someone would hold a class for gay men called “Non-Crappy Tattoos 101”. Our people have abused as much ink as they have hair bleaching products.

  • Rowen

    He’s really nice to look at, but every time he opens his mouth on the show, I can swear I see brain cells trying to escape.

  • ellis d


    The aberzombie / circuit trash look is so over. I am not at all surprised at what a bland, boring designer he is. He dresses like he shops at International Male.


    And a total cliche.

  • Ian H

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous that a talented, hard working, notable individual has to quit do to some stupid pictures.

  • Joe

    Artsy cutie pie gay boys are the hottest, rarest to find gay guys. He is a doll. He also is seriously sexy in a safe way..which is a great thing. Too bad so many gay boys arent practicing safe sex today. What a slap in the face to those who died years ago when it wasnt even known…Thanks Jack for keeping the message alive today.

  • KB

    Has anyone else noticed that his eyelashes look dyed? They are really big and dark!

  • peice of me

    Lets see he is hot,funny, has a great outlook on life,tells the truth about his HIV status…not afraid of what people will think about him because of it…has a freedom of expression in his tattoo’s and takes care of himself…like some of us gay over 30 around the world do! not only to look good for ourselves but for health reasons! There is so much to dislike about him. Can I get his number?

  • cliff

    thought you’d enjoy this…merry xmas!!

  • Gray Devlin

    So he flames out every now and then. Good for him. I’d really like to see ALL of him. I don’t care if he’s a dancing queen, he’s got a great body, and in some cases, that’s all that matters.

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