Project Runway Recap

Bradford Shellhammer phones in a Project Runway recap:

Ok so Rich, Will Wikle, and I ventured to Bryant Park this morning for the Project Runway final show. Seen: the Heatherette Boys, Kara Saun, Jay McCarroll, Austin Scarlett, Debra Messing, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Anne Hathaway, way too many Queer Eyes, and Heidi Klum.

Like last season the top four designers showed their collections, though one of three has already been eliminated. Below is my recap of the final show.


Daniel Vosovic: Daniel V. is clearly the favorite to win and the reaction from the crowd was insane: They went B-A-N-A-N-A-S. What for, I don’t know. On the show his work has been strong and the most consistent of the group. But the mop-headed hipster let me down big time. His clothes were boring. The colors were safe. The fit was horrible. Many dresses puckered and wrinkled and his beautiful finale dress fit so badly that you could slide your hands in the gapes on the models back.


Kara Janx: Kara was the day’s biggest surprise. Who would have known she had a personality! Seriously, she was spunky and almost rock-and-roll. Her collection was the most wearable and colorful of the bunch. The color-blocked dresses fit perfectly. The colors recalled Jay McCarroll’s winning collection from last year, but much more sensual and refined. If she makes the top three, she is clearly the one to beat.


Chloe Dao: Poor Chloe. I was expecting this to be a fight between Daniel V and Miss Chloe, but sadly her collection was the worst. Gone were the cute, feminine blue dresses and what she showed was way too fussy and at times offensive. There was a lot of visible boob and I am not talking about the sexy, D&G sort of way. It was like night of the living prom dresses with exposed nipples made from bad curtain fabric. Not a chance to win.


Santino Rice: Many think Santino is the next eliminated and his speech before the show kind of alluded to that theory: he spoke about PR in the past tense. But if he is indeed still in the running I think he impressed everyone in the room. He did not “Santino” anything! The colors were muted, the fabrics flowing, and his over stylized design sensibility was checked at the door. What were left were sleek, elegant dresses that were everything Santino is not: understated and pristine. It could be his.

It is either Kara or Santino. And if I’m wrong, then blame Nina Garcia.

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