Project Runway Recap: Dress Us For The Emmys—Hopefully We’re Going!

With all the layers of this week’s challenge on Project Runway, the producers really should have called it Inception. The designers were split into teams to design red-carpet looks. For the Emmys. To be worn by former Project Runway contestants. And it was all sponsored by Lexus?

But props to the showrunners for having the guts to film the challenge before the Emmy nominations were even announced. Perhaps it was a self-fulfilling prophesy.  I do, however, call foul on the series’ nomination for editing—this damn thing is still ninety-minutes long!

There were only seven looks this week, as the designers were assigned partners by selecting different Lexus keys (that’s seamless product integration, y’all). Let’s take a look:



Elena & Buffi (designing for Laura)

I’m still waiting for the day that Elena’s head makes a complete 360-degree rotation. Girl terrifies me (in all the right ways). And while this mismatched pairing nearly had a meltdown of “I’m leaving this show!” proportions, they pulled off a safe dress that kept them in the running.



Christopher & Andrea (designing for Anya)
Bottom 2

Andrea and Christopher’s pairing was like watching a doomed marriage: At first, they were happily exchanging pleasantries like, “I have so much to learn from Andrea!” “Christopher is talented!”

Cut to their demise: Christopher is digging through the trash for fabric and cursing Andrea’s slow sewing. Christopher is turning out to be this season’s brat, but we truly felt for him when Andrea, who had dragged them both onto the chopping block, said being sent home would be a “relief.” We’re actually shocked the more mature designer has to be told to take this shit seriously!

As for the design itself, yes, this dress is bad. (The slit alone made me recoil.) But somehow the pair survived—until they didn’t. In a last-minute tease for next week it looks like granny-goodness Andrea left the competition in the middle of the night. Or maybe she was just out clubbing?



Ven & Fabio  (designing for Kenley)
Winning Design

Ven wins again. I’m writing about Ven, so I can’t use exclamation points or question marks—they would undermine his lukewarm response to everything. So, only periods. Congrats, Ven on winning another challenge. Hooray. But this means you have to go to the Emmys with Kenley, which is kind of a Pyrrhic victory.



Melissa & Dmitry  (designing for April)

Melissa is basically this season’s April, and Dmitry is basically male Melissa with an accent. Clearly, there was a lack of conflict, which is why this dress flows like mercury.



Alicia & Raul (designing for Mila)
Losing Design, Raul Eliminated

Raul and Alicia, the menswear designers, have been watching too much Project Runway. Don’t worry about showing your design range by episode three, because the judges are still weeding out people who can’t sew.

Also, I have no idea how any non-magician is supposed to respond to a critique of “use less of that print” when all you have is that print.

 The reason for eliminating Raul over Alicia was shaky at best. I blame his hair.



Gunnar & Kooan (designing for Irina) Top 2

I’m just going to quote Gunnar himself on this look, “It’s actually not awful.” Do I think it deserved to be in the top two? Nope! Am I glad Gunnar mainly fought with Irina this week? Yep!



Sonjia & Nathan (designing for Valerie)
Queerty fave

I love this dress. I love Valerie. And after seeing six solid-colored looks, my eyes were just glad to have something different. Or maybe I’m just drawn to shiny things? Whatever. Love.

Jason Sweeten is a contributing writer for Queerty. No, he would not like to work in groups.

Photos: Barbara Nitke