“Project Runway” Recap: High Kicks (And Hemlines) With The Rockettes

Since I’m not a 7-year-old girl, seeing the Rockettes at Radio City just isn’t something I fantasize about. But I appreciate this challenge and its place in the “flashy and kinda atypical outfit” category—right alongside the wrestler and ice-skater challenges of seasons past. (Quite frankly, some outfits last night would have made more sense for a pro wrestler.)

Either way, I’m sad to report that nothing really ridiculous happened: With a group dinner, they tried unsuccessfully to humanize Ven. And for no real reason—except maybe the producers were panicking about the quality of the designs—there was a second trip to Mood with an additional $100 budget. But the looks were shiny. So there’s that.


He seemed to lay low this challenge but when I think of aesthetics that would work with Fabio’s point of view, “synchronized kicking ladies” doesn’t come to mind.


Melissa, Top 3

Remember when all this girl made was black dresses? I’m glad to know she’s evolved. And while I have plenty of nitpicks for this piece—the giant number 1, the short-short length, the stray thread hanging down the middle—it works wells enough to make the top three, I guess.  Also, I applaud Melissa for not losing one of her eighteen pattern pieces to Hurricane Elena.


Sonjia, Bottom 3
I love you Sonjia, but why do you hurt me so? You didn’t sketch. You didn’t know what you were doing at Mood. You didn’t know what you were doing when you got back from Mood. And then you birthed this eggplant disco turkey. Please return to making tailored of Legend of Zelda jackets.


Dmitry, Top 2
Since Dmitry was a competitive ballroom dancer, he had an edge in this challenge. The boy spent his entire childhood knee-deep in sequins, nude fabrics and high heels—and this made it all worthwhile. Was is too risqué for a group known for its family-friendly Christmas show? Possibly, but sometimes that can work in your favor.


Elena, Bottom 2
I know this nightmare was partially the result of a budgeting miscalculation, but no one should’vegone anywhere near this fabric. Or is it “fabric?” Whatever. This textile eyesore should have been contained to a separated section of Mood where a sobriety test is required prior to purchase.


Christopher, Winner + Queerty fave

Christopher actually won three awards last night with his New York skyline-influenced costume:

1. For being the judges’ favorite
2. For being my personal fave
3. For eliciting the funniest line: “The gay Pride parade trampled right through it!”

Ven, Eliminated
On the outside Ven was all, “I’m gonna keep it simple this challenge.” But on the inside it was clearly, “OMG, what will I do without my signature origami rose? Can I sneak it in the back? Eff it, I’m making a silver mess and praying Elena designs massive shoulder pads again.” At least he was eliminated before next week’s baby challenge: You just know he’d complain about getting the fattest one and scar the poor kid for life.

Jason Sweeten is a contributing writer for Queerty. This Sunday He’s brunching with the “Fancy Lace” sign from Mood. Photos: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television.