Project Runway Struts Its Stuff At iCandy

20051205_project runway2.JPG

We headed to the Project Runway 2 premiere party at iCandy in West Hollywood this past weekend not so much looking for the opportunity to meet new mom Heidi Klum, or her hot husband Seal, but for an encounter with the one and only Austin Scarlett. Klum and Seal were no shows, probably busy caring for their no doubt stunning offspring. We were triply disappointed upon learning Austin was in New York readying his Spring 2006 line. What to do.

Bummed that we wouldn’t be asking any quesyions involving corn husk dresses, we downed a few potent Stoli drinks. As we made our way through the queenie crowd we recognized three designers from the new season laughing with one another. We approached them, hoping for some dirt on the new season which begins this Wednesday.

Nick, John, and Raymundo had all been sworn to secrecy so they couldn’t say much. But we got the feeling these guys got along way better than Wendy Pepper and Kara Saun did last season.

Though the self-proclaimed “faggoty boys” were mum on many things, they did give us one juicy tidbit before they cruised off in their flashy convertible: This season’s Wendy Pepper is Santino.