Prom Drama: Gays Banned, Then Un-Banned In Alabama

LIGayProm_2Good news, gays! You can now attend the prom at Greenville High School. (Well, not you specifically. Unless you go to that school. Which you probably don’t.)

It’s a familiar story: the school had initially threatened to block and LGBT couples from the event. But this time, the story has a happy ending. After students started posting the discriminatory policy on social media, the local news picked up the story. Then the superintendent apologized, reversed the rule, and now everyone is welcome.

So, start picking out your corsages and tuxedos and gowns. Do kids even wear that stuff anymore? Or is formalwear lame these days? We are so out of touch.

This is just the latest in a wave of happy prom stories. Last year an adorable gay couple became internet-famous for their prom adventure. A super-anti-gay teacher in Indiana was suspended after she tried to create a no-gays-allowed prom. A trans student in Pennsylvania was allowed to bring his girlfriend to prom, which why is that even a debate? And a Texas school allowed a trans girl to attend prom in a dress. Again, this really should not be a debate.

So, have a good time, kids! Ask the DJ to play “Rock Lobster” for us.


H/t: HuffPo