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Prominent “Men’s Rights” activist Marc Angelucci shot dead

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Police in San Bernardino County, CA have opened an investigation into the death of Marc Angelucci, a prominent attorney involved in the so-called “Men’s Rights” movement. 

NBC News reports officers responding to a call discovered the 52-year-old lawyer suffering from apparent gunshot wounds on Sunday. Authorities pronounced him dead at the scene, though the motive for the shooting–as well as the identity of the shooter–remains unknown.

Angelucci gained notoriety as the founder of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Coalition for Men, a controversial group that describes itself as “a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about the ways sex discrimination affects men and boys.” Historically, the group emphasizes male reproductive rights, fighting paternity claims, and maintaining the gender pay gap, which NCFM claims is proper as “men work far more hours at high-stress jobs they hate with longer commutes, less flexibility, more physical risk, etc., just to be breadwinners and feed their families, only to die younger and get bashed for ‘earning more.'”

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The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the National Coalition for Men a “Male Supremacist” group, which favors the subjugation of women. In addition, leaders of the group have argued to legalize rape, referred to queer people as “social parasites” and contended that women use their sexuality to enslave men.

Angelucci’s record with NCFM included winning an anti-discrimination case that argued male domestic abuse victims are entitled to state funds for victim services, and most recently, arguing that a male-only military draft is discriminatory. He also appeared in the derided 2016 documentary The Red Pill which further demonized women and feminism.

Police have not yet identified any suspects in the shooting.