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** High school senior Alex Truelove, the protagonist of the Netflix film Alex Strangelove, isn't the only one who has struggled to come out. That's where you come in. Tell us what advice you'd give to people like Alex - the folks who aren't yet out and proud.
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Happy pride month 🌈 I got coming out so wrong the first time but it’s okay cause I had/have to do it for the rest of my life 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 #toalexstrangelove
❤️🧡💛💚💙 #Toalexstrangelove
There are people who love you no matter what! #toalexstrangelove @queerty
Who here has read The Crucible? Tl;dr version (and spoilers, I guess) It was about the Salem Witch Trials, they hung people because the plot of Mean Girls. Anyways, there was one man, Giles Corey, who, for reasons, was pressed to death under large stones. His last words were, "More weight". Also, as an aside, this actually happened.I figured out I was gay at 12. I told my family, but I did not publicly come out until I was 16. I know 4 years isn't tha...
It took me a long time to understand my femininity as an asset; but by channeling the energy I once wasted worrying about what other people thought of me into exploring the breadth of the human experience, I began to think critically, unlearn gender roles and beauty standards, and create my own aesthetic as an artist and happiness as an individual.Very grateful to my old friend and star of #AlexStrangelove, @tonimarz, for snapping this beautiful shot ...
Plain ol happiness as the contest says- I’m not the best with advice but I can share my experience- I’m not really a person that takes photos and less photos of my pride. I’ve never been the type of person to wear rainbow and dress up for pride festivals and things like that. After coming out, I feel people expected me to start dressing differently and acting differently... or “more gay.” Some people might say that I’m ashamed but it’s n...
Here’s the thing..not everyone is going to understand. Not everyone will support you, just know that no matter what happens you will always have your friends that will be there for you through everything. [email protected] @nothallieberry @queerty @lapride ....#toalexstrangelove #pride #lgbt #party #festival #fun #entertainment #advice #comingout #losangeles #california #live #love #life #lifestyle #lifestyblogger #photooftheday #photography #friends #me...
Mini-reunion! @kitwilliamson, @matswaltin, & @johnhalbach kicked off the weekend's festivities at the @queerty #Pride50 party presented by @netflix's ALEX STRANGELOVE, @svedkavodka, and @trevorproject. Happy #Pride, y'all! 🏳️‍🌈 #EastSiders #Queerty #Netflix #ToAlexStrangelove
When I was younger, I never thought I’d be accepted for who I am, let alone, accept myself for who I am; being gay and growing up in a small hick town, it’s hard to be who you are. Once you are able to love yourself and be happy with who you are, that is one of the first steps to leading a life of happiness! Stay strong and keep looking for that silver lining. You may not see it, but it’s there - waiting around the corner. Once I saw it, and gat...
#pride it up, hennies! #toalexstrangelove
Had SUCH an amazing time at the @queerty Pride kickoff party last night, celebrating today’s release of Alex Strangelove on @netflix - binge it this weekend, y’all! It was amazing seeing @adavox perform and dancing the night away with some great friends, including @eastsiderstv’s own @matswaltin - thank you to @trevorproject and @svedkavodka for sponsoring the event! #toalexstrangelove suits by #mrturk
I was no stranger to fear, a constant thought that I would never be happy or be able to be who I wanted to be. This thought consumed my life, sucked out all the hope and happiness I could have, until I decided to make a change. 6 years ago I decided I was going to move to Los Angeles . While boarding the plane to move, I made myself a really important promise. I promised myself I would be unapologetically me, and find happiness. I knew the journey was...
They’re the #rainbow in my sprinkles. Got a lil @queerty for a pride kick off with some of my favorite homosexuals. Proud to Pride with these boys all year round. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Queens on queens on QUEENS. Loved getting to hang with the fabulous @bebezahara and hear @adavox give us a SHOW. I guess I’ll say that I don’t hate my job ☺️🌈 ..Also, all of you need to go watch Alex Strangelove, which came out today on @netflix! #Pride50 #ToAlexStrangelove #AlmostTooGayToFunction
Always remember that it will get better. The bad times are only temporary #ToAlexStrangelove
it took 29 years for me to feel comfortable in my own skin, but the wait was worth it. there was a time, even after coming out, when i wrestled with my sexuality. the constant up and down, back and forth was exhausting, but with the support of so many good people that chapter is closed. today i wear my heart on my sleeve and don’t apologize for it. you can too... after all, we are living the future so many dreamed of; now it’s our turn to show the...
PRIDE❤️🧡💛💚💙💜My advice to someone struggling to come out is that, no matter if you are ready or not, always be unapologetically you! You don’t have to hide yourself. Being gay is something we come across privately within ourselves so don’t feel pressured to make it known to everyone. You are beautifully you and when you are freely yourself then your voice of being gay will just feel natural to be heard. My advice is be whole and ...
@queerty your life can be what you want it to be, you just have to believe in yourself, know, trust & love who you are. With that confidence others will follow. #toalexstrangelove #ournormallife #missfletcher #glbti #gay #itgetsbetter #gaydads #gays_with_kids
I’m lucky. My family has always accepted who I am; without judgement or fear. I don’t have a horror story in coming out or loving openly. My friend group never turned their backs. I realize I’m among the few and precious with that story line and am grateful each day for that. Pride to me has always been about acknowledging those who’ve come before me, who’ve made it possible to stand with my mom so joyous the day gay marriage passed by law. ...
Alex Strangelove is available June 8 only on Netflix and to celebrate Alex’s endearing journey of self-exploration, here’s my advice on coming out: Coming out isn’t just a declaration; it’s freedom. In that moment, you’re allowing yourself to breathe, to flourish and to love; gone are the days when you have to question your instinct, mask your feelings and disguise your desires. The entire world is now yours to walk through, authentically an...
(PS I DID NOT HAVE A KAI KAI AFTER THIS!) I wanted to give you guys some advise on coming out. 1) do not come out if you’ve heard anyone in your family say anything negative about gay people, it’d be more safe to not come out. 2) if it’s ok have a “family meeting” get it all out to everyone at once so you don’t have to explain to multiple people multiple times. It’ll be easier on you and others. 3) do not try to combat the anxiety and th...
Coming out can be hard, but all I can say is you only have one shot at life and being you isn't anything to be scared of it will give you the chance to find the one your ment to be with,opens up the world in so many different ways. Open the door and see what the world has instore for you, you maybe surprised at what's around the corner. #beyourself #toalexstrangelove #support @queerty
#toalexstrangelove coming out to yourself is harder than coming out to others. It takes a lot of courage to look in a mirror and say “this is who I am and I’m proud of it” but it’s worth it. The more you say it to yourself the easier it will be to say to others. That’s not to say that others will accept you, because sometimes they won’t, and that rejection can be hard. But you will have a whole community of people ready to cheer you up and...
The world can be tough when you come out but you'll find people to help you the world is full of amazing people to share Carmel corn with #toalexstrangelove
#Repost @maxisms with @get_repost・・・Coming out allowed me to find the love of my life. It may be scary, but the rewards are so great, it’s worth it. #ToAlexStrangelove @queerty 📸 @mattmonathphoto
Genuine happiness on my face as i was able to go to my first ever prom dressed in away that made me feel so happy, a true moment of peace in my mind and heart — one of the first few times i have felt wholly myself in my skin🧜🏻‍♂️🦋To anyone struggling with their identity: Coming out is not always easy, and it’s okay to be afraid. But never fear who you are —you are beautiful and strong and capable of amazing things. Take a breath, ...
@queerty #toalexstrangelove Be your own cheerleader.List each thing that you have to be grateful for. So go ahead - count your blessings, A grateful heart is always a happy heart. Remember it is always 5 o'clock somewhere.
Alex Strangelove is premiering on Netflix on June 8. It’s an endearing and irreverent coming of age story, and in honor of that, here’s my coming out advice:I was a sad kid, growing up in Mississippi. I had no idea just how much happiness (and yes, love) was waiting for me at the end of the rainbow, and I wish someone had told me my life was going to turn out to be this beautiful. Know that it’s okay to take your time, and trust that you can be ...
Coming out is always hard. Even when you know you'll have people on the other side supporting you. I had so much insecurity growing up and being in the closet attributed to alot of it. I hated smiling in front of people, I had body issues, I hated looking in the mirror while in public, and so many others. Though I still have some insecurities, like many other people, when I came out most of those negative voices inside my head began to diminish. It'll...
Show love to yourself first.💕💜✨🌠#ToAlexStrangeLove @queerty
#TBT to me giving my best flamingo pose. And also, in honor of pride month...I’d like to share my coming out story, along with some advice:It wasn’t pretty. I came out at the tender age of 17. Honestly, I thought my parents HAD to know. I mean, this picture isn’t far from how flamboyant I was as a kid. In tee ball, while the other boys had their eyes set on the baseball, I was building sandcastles on the outfield. My parents cried for months and...
Coming out allowed me to find the love of my life. It may be scary, but the rewards are so great, it’s worth it. #ToAlexStrangelove @queerty 📸 @mattmonathphoto
Kindness is not weakness. Find people who value your kindness. @jamieholloway85, thank you for making me feel like the most beautiful person in the world. (Even though I often dress badly.) #pridemonth 🏳️‍🌈
do well, live well, and dress really well________________________________________ #toalexstrangelove #pride #advice #yourtruth ____________________________📷: @maddyperrythings
@queerty to anyone struggling to come out my advice is to not pressure yourself and to keep growing. No one has the right to out to out you, it’s your truth to reveal to whoever you deem worthy. Keep growing and learning new things about yourself. Life is too short to be confined. #toalexstrangelove
Be true to your authentic self first and foremost. After that, the rest is easy. @queerty #toalexstrangelove
#toalexstrangelovewithlove #ToAlexStrangelove My advice for people who are afraid to come out is this: you really just need to be you. If you are afraid of people not liking you for who you are they aren’t meant to be in your life. Their will always be someone who will accept you for you. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈❤️❤️
If afraid 😱 don’t be.If you feel a certain way toward someone confront those feelings and embrace it.😍😍😘😘🤓🤓🧐🧐👠👖👚👕👙👘👞👗#alexstrangelove#toalexstrangelove
BLACK TRANS WOMEN and FEMME QUEENS got us the Rights we have today.We celebrate Pride because Marsha P. Johnson & Sylvia Rivera started a REVOLUTION back in June 1969.MAKE THEM PROUD. 🖤HAPPY #pridemonth 🤘🏼🏳️‍🌈
Happy Pride!! 👍🏽🏳️‍🌈 Go at your own pace becoming your authentic self. Those in your life who mind won’t matter...and the ones who matter won’t mind. It will be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself. Just sayin’. #ToAlexStrangelove @Queerty
#ToAlexStrangelove Sometimes its not about other people knowing who you are; its more important that YOU know who you are. Everyone has a light inside of them and once you allow yours to shine, you’ll realize that youre exactly who you were meant to be and that you are good, you are worthy, and you are enough. Love is endless and all around us; take and give as much as you can! #ComeAndGetYourLove @queerty
Your upbringing, age, and circumstance can make it difficult to see past the current version of yourself. Change is terrifying— but by challenging your identity through small actions, you can become whom you were meant to be.Because the endless possibilities of your future far outweigh the fear you may feel now. #toalexstrangelove Also double #transformationtuesday lmao #drag #dragqueen #makeup #mua #rupaulsdragrace #rupaul #mutti #nashville #rpdr #...
Happy Pride month!!! I am thankful for cities and friends who encourage me to be 100% myself. Accepting myself 100% for who I am was one of the hardest things I've experienced but also the most liberating. To anyone who is struggling to accept themselves for who they are, I promise you it gets better. And when that day comes, no matter how soon or how far away that day is, it'll be one of the best feelings you've ever experienced and you'll realize yo...
To anyone who hasnt come out yet, dont rush it. Dont feel like you owe someone an explanation as to who you are in your gender or sexuality. You get to decided when and who you want to tell. But know, that I am here with you every step of the way ____ #toalexstrangelovewithlove @queerty
A close up to celebrate #PrideMonth!!!!! ______ Always be proud of who you are, no matter what. The only person you need to make happy is yourself, so be whoever you want to be. And always remember RuPaul's saying: "What other people think of me is none of my business." Love one another, fight to be a better version of yourself, be compassionate and empathetic, and never settle for less than what you deserve __ @queerty #toalexstrangelovewithlove...
Be happy and be Yourself. If Someone has a problem with that, Ignore them. They arent worth it always be happy no matter what. Enjoy your life, live free and happy, and have fun. Thats what happiness and life is all about!!!!#toalexstrangelovewithlove @queerty
The most important thing when you come out is coming out to yourself. For everyone, the acceptance process is definitely the hardest part. A lot of question will go through out mind, we are worried if everyone will keep being the same with us, if our parents will love us as the same way, if the society in general will be nice to us ... it's a lot of "if's", but have you stopped for a moment and already asked to yourself if you are happy, content and s...
My advice to those who are struggling to come out: know that no matter how hard life gets you will always be your biggest enemy . Dont spend time thinking , Oh i cant do this,, or Oh this isnt normal ,, or even I want to be normal , why cant i be like him , why cant i be like her ? Because theyre not what society portrays as normal ! No one is normal , youre one of a kind and god blessed you with a gift ! God is the only one who can judge you , and YO...
#toalexstrangelovewithlove My advice for people who are afraid to come out is this: you really just need to be you. If you are afraid of people not liking you for who you are they aren't meant to be in your life. Their will always be someone who will accept you for you.
#equality #pride #queerloudandproud #queer#toalexstrangelove
Alex strangelove is available June 8th only on Netflix and to celebrate Alex's endearing journey of self exploration here's some advice for anyone coming out: There's nothing more important in life­ than being happy. Surrounding yourself with people who're positive and support you in life. It may not be easy to find that support and love but it comes in many forms. The love your parents have for you, a significant other, a friend, a mentor, a teacher...
#ToAlexStrangeLove -- You have an amazing life ahead of you, and all your fears, concerns, and doubts right now in this moment are only temporary. It's okay to be who you are, and it really DOES GET BETTER. You will fall in love with your soulmate, meet incredible people, travel the world, have unforgettable experiences, and be around those who will love, respect, and nourish you so you can be who you are unapologetically, fearlessly, and wholehearted...
Happy PRIDE!!Never let anything stop you from being you! #proudally #toalexstrangelove #pride
#toalexstrangelove Understand that the only thing about you that needs to come out is the truth. And whatever that truth may be is beautiful. @queerty
Happy Pride Month! ♡ Be true to yourself always... 🌈 #lovewins #loveyourself #ToAlexStrangeLove #June
Speak your truth and be yourself. It will be hard. It will suck. But it will get better. You owe it to yourself and others to be the best and most authentic version of yourself. There will be some who will hate you and some will be disappointed. Don't worry. They are not your responsibility. As long as there is love in your heart nothing else will matter. And I am with you all the way just like a few good people have always been my ride or die. So tak...
Coming out is only as tough as we make it, be the most authentic self you can be, dance, dress & express yourself like no one else you know. Don’t be afraid to stand out & be weird!! You can be who you want to be at any age!! Be out, be proud, be [email protected] #toalexstrangelove #beout #beproud #beYOU #expressyourself #beweird
You guys, I’m gay. I also like the color black (all shades, dark black light black, to pastel black). Love ketchup but hate tomatoes and deeply love to travel and explore. But really-I never felt that I needed to “come out”. For me, I am who I am. Love is love. And I don’t need to be defined by the sex I’m attracted to...Growing up as a gay man, living as a military brat and constantly moving I always felt that I needed to re-explain myself ...
Oh, hello, gentlemen! Look who's back at Burton House? Favorite guests, actors/producers/writers/and so much more , @johnhalbach and @kitwilliamson . See below for their big news and GIVEAWAY... repost via @instarepost20 from @johnhalbach Hey gang! @queerty is teaming up with @netflix to promote the release of ALEX STRANGELOVE (streaming on June 8) by asking folks to share advice on coming out with the hashtag #ToAlexStrangelove for a chance to win a ...
@queerty is promoting a new movie coming out on June 8 via @netflix called Alex Strangelove, its about a high school guy struggling to come out. Which like many others can relate. So here is a little advice for those who are struggling with the idea of coming out. (Anyone who knew me back in High School, knows my Closet Game was 💯) ✴Advice: Creating an alternate ego of yourself is necessary. Especially if you're surrounded by narrow minded or jud...
Love comes in many colors, and I love you with every shade of my heart! @queerty ✌🏼❤️💙💜💚🧡🌮 #pride #loveeveryone #love #toalexstrangelove
“Courage is scary stuff, and there are going to be challenges ahead, but pride can bring you strength to face those challenges. The most important thing I want you to hear is to have compassion for yourself, as much as you do for others. You are a beautiful person, and worthy of love. And when you face difficulties, focus on the people you’re grateful for—the friends, lovers, or role models that become your chosen family. Coming from a retired t...
If you're struggling to come out...Do it for you, not for anyone else. This is your time . Love is love. F*** everything else. #numberonefan #youhaveallies #toalexstrangelove @queerty
So much stress can go into one decision, one talk that could change your life. My best advice is to come out in whatever way you feel the most comfortable, be it text, in person, over the phone, etc. #ToAlexStrangelove #queerty #pridejedi #🌈 #maythegaybewithyou [photo and costume cred to @saras_bad_ideas_cosplay ]
Coming out can be very scary. I was raised in a Southern Baptist family. I came out only when I was ready. To whom ever you come out to I advice to do it on a Friday night, but not on a holiday. Be completely honest and share your fear and feelings. Be true to yourself and you won’t regret it. I never do. #toalexstrangelove
It’s pride month and to kick it off I’d like to share something a bit more personal. Life as I know it completely changed when I fell in love with a boy, it was at that moment in my life I realized that I was gay. It was hard to understand and was pretty confused myself, I struggled internally and made rash decisions because of this newly found feeling. I was afraid and was unsure, but coming to terms and accepting who I truly am has changed my li...
Everybody’s watching her...But she's looking at you ⚡️
Those struggling to come out, just remind yourself that it’s your life and you deserve to be happy so be open and free to live how you want! Your not alone! @queerty #ToAlexStrangelove #gay #gaylove #instagay #loveislove #samesex #comingout #lgbt #proud
Here’s a #Tbt to #RocPride last year. If you are struggling about coming out- this is what I want you to know, to feel in your heart, and deep in your soul:If you can come out, and be safe, do it. Embracing who you are, verbally, psychologically, emotionally, will open up a whole new world. You’ll find people who love you, who lift you up, and embrace you. You’ll experience an amazing journey, with new opportunities to be you. Perhaps, most impo...
I never knew TRUE happiness until I found the confidence to be myself. #ToAlexStrangelove
Idc what people think of me, my love is real #toalexstrangelove
#toalexstrangelove my piece of advice for coming out it when it feels right to you. Don't feel pressured. Make it your time. Embrace who you are and accept yourself. Thats all that matters. No one else. And there are plenty of people out there that can become a new family for you if you're fails you. Hugs!!
#TBT My advice to younger me: You are OK. There is nothing wrong with you. You can stop beating yourself up, stop hating yourself and just be you. #ToAlexStrangelove
It gets better, not as in "It gets warmer in Summer," but as in "The work pays off." #ToAlexStrangelove @Queerty
Hey gang! @queerty is teaming up with @netflix to promote the release of ALEX STRANGELOVE (streaming on June 8) by asking folks to share advice on coming out with the hashtag #ToAlexStrangelove for a chance to win a trip to Brooklyn. My advice would be to come out when it feels right for you. Trust yourself and know there's a lot of love on the other side of that closet door. 💙👬🏳️‍🌈
My advice #ToAlexStrangelove coming out can be a very scary process, your thoughts on how your family and friends will take it will over run in your mind and there will be times when it comes far too overwhelming. I came out 3 times in my life and each time was not easy. I had my son and realised I had to be true to myself, I was depressed living inside a lie and now that I am out and proud I feel happier and excited about the future. Come out when yo...
I get a lot of people wondering about how they know they are queer. It’s not about just having an experience to find out. When you find someone who is special, who you connect with, it will be a meaningful experience no matter their biological sex or gender identity. It’s about being open to connection with what’s in someone’s heart, not between their legs. Find the person whose heart resonates with yours, find a safe place to explore love and...
To all my friends who follow me , I imagine you follow me because you have some interest in me, but I'm sharing this picture because I have pride, I don't think I've ever shared anything explicitly saying "I'm gay" but I am today because of current events. It may seem silly but something as simple as a text/like/favorite/etc. can make a difference in people's lives. Do the yourself a favor and make someone who is different, (not necessarily gay, but j...
Free yourself. #beard #beardgang #baard #beardlovers #beardnavy #beardmovement #beardislife #bart #barbu #beardstagram #beardlife #beardedman #mustache #manbuns #mun #broknot #topbun #brobun #manbunmonday #lumbersexual #menwithbeard #lumberjack #beardthefuckup
Don’t be afraid to show off your true colors 🌈🏳️‍🌈 . I can’t waiting watching on Netflix coming on June 8 . #toalexstrangelove #toalexstrangelovewithlove #lgbt #lgbtpride #lgbt🌈 #deaflesbian #lesbianpride #lesbiansingle #lesbiansingles
It's not easy to come out. But the good news is I never once met anyone who regretted coming out. Not once. #ToAlexStrangelove @Queerty
Alex Strangelove is available June 8 only on Netflix and to celebrate Alex’s endearing journey of self-exploration, here’s my advice on coming out:I cannot stress how important it is to remember that there is no "deadline" for coming out. Try to remember that coming out is a marathon, not a race. You don't have to sprint to a finish line. Take your time, find a pace that works for you, and remember to enjoy the journey, because it will be worth it...
My advice to those in need on coming out of the closet!? Although it may be hard to remind yourself of this, YOU ARE IMPORTANT and YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED just as much as everyone else does. Whether that love is from your peers or just from yourself, you DESERVE it! Sometimes coming out can feel like a lonely process but once you live in your own truth, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of love that you will open yourself up to — whether it be f...
Who says you need to be beach-body ready? Ya only need to be feelin' yoself 😎☀️🏖🏝 #pool #thailand #bangkok #tatted #inkedThere's never a better timing, but you know you're ready when you are ready. Maybe you'll feel the world is collapsing, but when you look back, everything seems so small. Start from friends or siblings that you trust and throw out some hints. You'll find out this world is more loving than you thought. #ToAlexStrangelove...
#toalexstrangelove Embrace who you are by using the gifts and talents you possess and always learn and develop new ones. Surround yourself with people who love and believe in you, even when you dont. When you are corrected or questioned, make sure you know why and use the knowledge to make you better. [email protected] #advicetoayoungerme #gaydadadvice #beyourself
Fly with me #toalexstrangelove @queerty
Love yourself. And accessorize. #ToAlexStrangeLove @Queerty
Trust the women in your life; they already know. True friends have your back. #Toalexstrangelove
Be honest and love yourself.Be kind and own your moment.Teach people how to love and respect you. #toalexstrangelove @queerty
Come out! Come out wherever you are! Just have been thinking about this for days...months...maybe years... its new info to your audience....give them time to get used to it before you judge their reaction...its a process...not an instant... #toalexstrangelove @Queerty
Some advice #toalexstrangelove - coming out is scary, but if they matter - they'll love you no matter what. Keep smiling and be confident in yourself and love your body. #youarebeautiful
#ToAlexStrangelove the best and only thing you can do is be your authentic self. Live your live out loud because your life is not a rehearsal! You only get one shot at this! @queerty
Advice for someone struggling to come out? This fabulously flawed world needs you, specifically. Be yourself, live out loud, and live for something. 🌈💥...#toalexstrangelove @queerty Share your best advice using the hashtag.
Coming out allowed me to find the love of my life and ultimately become a dad. It may be scary, but the rewards are so great, it’s worth it. #ToAlexStrangeloveWithLove @queerty
Love is the answer! Kicking off Pride Season with my honey ❤️. Be proud this year and always be yourself! #ToAlexStrangelove @queerty
The simple advice that I would give to someone who’s struggling to come out is this: give yourself permission to be you. Give yourself permission to breathe. There’s a whole world out there that’s just waiting to welcome you, celebrate you, and support you...if you let them. #ToAlexStrangelove #closetsareforclothes.Gay or straight, I hope you’ll all join me in giving advice to people struggling to come out. There’s also a pretty fantastic pr...
A piece of advice I would give to someone struggling to come out is to find community. This can come in the form of friends you meet at an LGBTQ center, a bar, at school, or an online community. There is a whole fabulous world of queers out there, and many of us are very ready to embrace you- so get to know us! A closet is no place for a human, and life is much more fun with friends. #ToAlexStrangeloveRegardless of your orientation, I hope you’ll jo...
•••If anyone knows me, speaking on behalf of the gay and lesbian community was a tough/sensitive topic for me in the past. Until the day I accepted myself and loved myself for who I am. And now, I want to continue facing this issue and progress forward for the rest of the world to feel the same. For anyone that doesn’t know; today is Lesbian Visibility Day. • • •Today showcases women-loving-women, providing a platform for lesbian role mo...
Being your true self makes everything brighter. #toalexstrangelove @queerty

Watch Alex Strangelove. Available June 8, Only on Netflix