This year, over 1.4 million votes were cast for the best in LGBTQ culture and media. Awards were presented at the Queerties Awards Show on February 24, 2022. Watch the awards show.



Ryan O'Connell

For actor, writer and producer Ryan O'Connell, innovation is "showing a slice of life people don't ordinarily get to see." From his memoir-turned-Netflix series 'Special' about his life as a gay man with cerebral palsy, to his upcoming role in the 'Queer as Folk' reboot, he tackles stigma head-on and never shies away from it.


E.R. Fightmaster

Nonbinary actor E.R. Fightmaster knows the positive power of representation on young, queer audiences. So when they got the chance to play "Dr. Kai Bartley" -- the first nonbinary character on 'Grey's Anatomy' -- it was a no-brainer. They hope the groundbreaking work they and other nonbinary actors are doing today helps the next generation to be "as expressive as they want to."


Shalita Grant

Actor Shalita Grant says the "benefit to being outside of the box is actually freedom," and once she found her authentic self, true happiness followed. By owning her identity and portraying underrepresented communities on screen, she's opening people's eyes to new perspectives and blazing trails along the way.


Chella Man

Chella Man fulfilled a childhood dream playing superhero "Jericho" in 'Titans,' and the trans, deaf artist is keenly aware his visibility is helping the next generation dream big, too. Through modeling for the likes of YSL Beauty and GAP, and always looking for new ways to highlight the "infinite pathways" people have to live their lives, he's proving being different can be a person's greatest asset.


Joel Kim Booster

Joel Kim Booster knew he couldn't wait around for opportunities to drop into his lap, so he created them for himself. From his stand-up comedy to writing and starring in the upcoming feature film 'Fire Island,' he's broken major ground for queer, Asian representation on screen.

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