Prop Drama

Prop 8 Ballot Box – Opinions Are Like Assholes

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got one.

And Proposition 8 going back to California’s ballot box in 2012 certainly isn’t short on assholes. Oops — we mean opinions. Just read our comments from the survey we posted and you’ll see what we mean.

But to be fair, some comments were very insightful. For example, Alex wrote, “Didn’t we complain that “civil rights should never be voted on” and “the majority should never vote on the minority” wouldn’t it just be hypocrisy?”

Some users asked the hard questions:

Hybybt said, “if somehow the courts fail us on this, the ONLY way to undo Prop 8 will be a return to the ballot. Under those circumstances, should it come to that, would you still oppose holding a vote?”

Luke asked, “Remember those couples that don’t have long left to wait? Why should they wait for the Supreme Court to finish up in 2014?”

Swoon. We love our commenters.

EQCA is also conducting a survey accompanied by a series of statewide town halls to end on June 9th. If anyone leads the charge for a ballot measure it will likely be EQCA, so the results of their findings should be a good read.

Speaking of surveys, here are some results from ours:

About 50% of our survey participants support going back to the ballot box in 2010. About 20% opposed the ballot measure. The other 30% were unsure, neutral, or they went to watch TV and forgot about the survey they were taking on Queerty.

We know this will get some panties in a twist. And it probably should. What happens if the ballot measure fails? What will that do to the Supreme Court Case? What if it wins? Where is all the money going to come from? Who will raise it? Should we even promote the idea that people should have the right to vote on our civil rights?!?!

There is so much to be angry about!!!

So go ahead – drop your comment. Don’t forget the usefulness of CAPS and exclamation points!!!!!!!

God, we love drama.