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Prop 8 Creator Frank Schubert’s Sister Is Gay, Partnered, Raising Kids, and Wants to Be a California Judge


Frank Schubert, who this website affectionately describes as a “marriage rights rapist,” was hired by the National Organization for Marriage to take away marriage rights in California and Maine. He, ahem, succeeded both times. But isn’t this curious: His own sister is gay. And she’s running for a judgeship.

Anne Marie Schubert, currently a deputy district attorney for Sacramento, announced she’s running to be a Sacramento County Superior Court judge. And while the Republican doesn’t mention her sexuality or family on her own website (just a resume), the Bay Area Reporter notes she bought her house with a one Julie Greenberg, who she’s raising two children with. Not that Anne Marie’s sexuality has been a secret; Frank Schubert has acknowledged his gay sister in press interviews.

So how does Frank reconcile having a gay sister while also campaigning to eliminate marriage equality?

Perhaps the tougher question is how Anne Marie reconciles having a brother who’s a first-rate douchebag. Not that she’s commenting on Prop 8 or her brother’s activities. She is, after all, running for a court bench, which might one day have a hand in deciding things like this. “Because I am running for a judicial seat, I am bound by the California Code of Judicial Ethics. This code applies to both sitting judges and attorneys running for judicial office,” she tells BAR via email. “This code makes it clear that ‘Candidates may not make statements that commit the candidate with respect to cases, controversies, or issues that could come before the courts.’ This code also states, ‘Judges involved in judicial campaigns must also avoid comment concerning a matter pending or impending in any court.'”

You’ve heard that urban legend about gay Americans who don’t actually care much about marriage, let alone want marriage rights? Although Anne Marie and partner Julie are in a registered domestic partnership, it’s hard to tell whether the possibly-future Superior Court judge falls into that camp, or gives her brother cold stares from across the Thanksgiving table.