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Prop 8 Got The Leffew Family To Share Their Lives. Then They Went and Made a Movie About It

Since 2008’s passage of Prop 8, Jay Foxworthy (Gulf War veteran and now a cop) and Bryan Leffew (stay-at-home dad) have been sharing stories of their family (they have two adopted children, Daniel and Selena) with the world on YouTube. We’ve been following them along (a lot) from Easter egg hunts to White House visits to the sad day when they learned Prop 8 would be upheld by the California Supreme Court. But something even greater has come of it. Right To Love: An American Family, debuting next year, is their self-produced documentary about real people stripped of their rights. From the preview above, it looks beautiful.

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  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    It looks like a very effective documentary. Were they filmmakers before this project? You don’t normally see this level of talent in newbies.

  • Rene

    @ D’oh, The Magnificent

    I don’t think they did all of the editing and filming. If I remember correctly from one of their previous videos, a production company came to them with the proposal and the production company is the one doing the movie.

  • gayfamilyvalues

    The movie is actually being produced by Jaye Byrd Productions. They are an exmormon family who make films about issues that resonate for them. Their last movie centered on exposing the Chastity movement and “Purity Balls”, called Daddy I Do. They have a great voice and we are very pleased that they are using it to help the struggle for marriage equality.

    Their concept behind the film is to show one same-sex family against the backdrop of the evolving events of Prop 8, and to show how discriminatory laws like this one effect families like ours. Thank you Queerty for featuring this film…for a documentary to be succesfull it takes the word of mouth of supporters…thanks for the lift.

    Bryan and Jay

  • Fitz

    After Prop 8, the only film about admitted Christians that I want to see will have way more lions.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @gayfamilyvalues: The decision to focus on one family is very smart. It gives us a very human view of the situation. Often times, we don’t obtain that emotional connection in gay films because they are moving around so that we don’t identify enough with the people being shown.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    follow up: one quick moment to illustrate how the letting the moments work in the trailer is the father sleeping next to his daughter. That’s effective imagery. When all the rhetoric stops, that’s what people will remember.

  • IonMusic

    that was powerful. I dare anyone watch this and not tear up…gay, straight, republican or dem. Heart is heart and this bit went at the heart of the issue.

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