Prop 8 Lovers Delay Release Of Trial Tapes Until Just Before Chanukah

Last week the National Organization for Marriage’s Washington branch filed a last minute emergency appeal to withhold a judge from releasing the petitioner names in support of the failed anti-gay Referendum 71. This week, similar anti-gay forces have been granted an emergency stay to keep the video recordings of the Proposition 8 trial sealed… and we’re pretty sure we know why.

With upcoming marriage referendums in Minnesota and North Carolina, there’s no way in hell the National Organization for Marriage wants Americans to see anti-gay witnesses try to defend their laughable, flimsy anti-gay arguments on the stand. Equality activists will undoubtedly use the trial footage in PSAs to combat the classic lies of marriage being used to teach kids sodomy, strip parents of their right to raise bigots, and ultimately outlaw religion altogether.

At this point, dishonest emotional appeals and judicial delays are the only tactic our opponents have left.

The court will hear oral arguments over the appeal on December 5th. Maybe the videotapes will be the judicial branch’s holiday gift to the LGBT community.

Image via Lawrence Leonard Gilbert