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Prop 8 on Trial Yet Again

It seems like hardly a month goes by that we’re not in court over Prop 8, doesn’t it? We popped by the Federal building in SF to watch the proceedings this morning and had a delightful time. Also, we learned that if you try to take a photo of a courtroom sketch hanging on a wall, the artist will rush over and yell at you. Sorry about that, Joan.

Today’s hearing took up so much of our cognitive energy that there’s scarcely time to get all worked up about the one week left for marriage in New York, or Catholic Charities suing to keep foster kids out of homes, or all the excitement in Lichtenstein at the end of this week.

But get worked up we must! This week’s Marriage News Watch (a project of Queerty contrib Matt Baume) touches on all those things and more, including a ruling in Wyoming that says you can’t get married but you can get divorced.

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