Prop 8 Proponent Anthony Pugno Looking Worse For Wear

We caught an interview with Prop 8 backer Andy Pugno recently, and were struck by just how much of a toll fighting gay couples seems to be taking on him. Look at fresh-faced young Andy back in 2010, debating Equality California’s Geoff Kors.

Compare that to Mr. Pugno in 2012, looking a little threadbare. Of course, back in 2008 Pugno got more than $200,000 to push Prop 8 from, so he probably had a little left over for a good haircut and suit. Now? Not so much

Plus, Andy’s had a rough couple of years: He ran for California Assembly and lost— to an equality supporter, no less! And Prop 8 keeps getting knocked down by one court after another.

This losing streak must be quite a shock for someone who’s used to winning anti-gay battles. Back in the late ’90s, Andy was a staffer for Pete Knight, the California State Senator and author of Proposition 22, which forbade gay and lesbian couples from marrying until it was overturned in 2008.

Maybe if Pugno gets with LGBT equality, some sympathetic gay can give him a much-needed makeover. Don’t hold your breath, though.