Prop 8. Protests to Go National This Weekend

In what looks to be a historic day, on Saturday, Nov. 15th, thousands of people, in this country and across the globe, are expected to turn out for a simultaneous demonstration in support of equal marriage rights for same-sex people. The event is organized by the grassroots group Join the Impact. The group formed a week ago today, a sign of how quickly the movement has spread via the Internet, organized and coalesced around a purpose. The group’s mission statement reads:

“Our movement seeks to encourage the LGBTQ community not to look towards the past and place blame, but instead to look forward toward what needs to be done now to achieve one goal: Full equality for ALL.  We stand for reaching out across all communities.  We do not stand for bigotry, for scapegoating, or using anger as our driving force. 

Our mission is to encourage our community to engage our opposition in a conversation about full equality and to do this with respect, dignity, and an attitude of outreach and education.  JoinTheImpact, as an entity, will not encourage divisiveness, violence, or disrespect of others and we do not approve of this.  We do not stand for pointing the finger at one group and placing blame. 

The LGBTQ community comes in all different colors, creeds, religious beliefs, and political parties.  If we allow ourselves to place blame on one community or another, then we are no better than those who oppose us.  We will not pit one community against another.”

Organizers are urging protesters to cooperate with police and local officials and to demonstrate peacefully and visibly. The group is taking special pains to remind prtotesters that sticks for picket signs can be no thicker than 1/4 inch or they will be considered weapons by the police. You can locate protest locations here. Protests against Prop. 8 have been ongoing since the measure was narrowly passed in California last Wednesday and show no sign of letting up in the near future.

Queerty will be covering the protest extensively and encourage all of you to send pictures, stories and video to us via our tipster email.

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  • tallskin



    Cos there has been no news from outside the USA for ages now.

    Is this new editorial policy???

  • tallskin

    For example news from the rest of the world includes:

    Malaysia set to curb lesbianism

    Bishops wants special homo-liturgy for The Norwegian Church

    Russian Governor Cleared by Court for “Faggots Must Be Torn Apart” Anti-Gay Hate Speech

    Moscow Gay Pride Group Appeals to French and EU Presidents on Eve of EU-Russia Summit

    MEPs Ask Bulgaria to Grant Legal Recognition to Gay Couples

    The list of news from the outside world goes on and on

  • tallskin




  • Othniel

    @Tallskin Thanks for keying in on these stories. I had read of the Moscow one, and will look for the others.

    Is it true the Brits first called us Yankees because of what the verb “to yank” means. I mean, a Yankee Doodle Dandy sort of impels the argument.

  • Woof

    @Othniel: We are sort of busy at the moment, just elected a new President…fighting for equal rights, etc. I’m sure Queerty will be back covering the rest of the fucked-up world as soon as we are done here…LOL

  • tallskin


    Yankee |ˈya ng kē|
    noun informal
    1 often derogatory a person who lives in, or is from, the U.S.
    2 an inhabitant of New England or one of the northern states.
    • historical a Union soldier in the Civil War.
    3 a code word representing the letter Y, used in radio communication.
    4 (also Yankee jib) Sailing a large jib set forward of a staysail in light winds.
    5 a bet on four or more horses to win (or be placed) in different races.
    ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: origin uncertain; recorded in the late 17th cent. as a nickname; perhaps from Dutch Janke, diminutive of Jan ‘John.’

    Yankee Doodle |ˈdoōdl|
    1 (also Yankee Doodle Dandy) a song popular during the American Revolution. Informally regarded as a national song, it is the official state song of Connecticut.
    2 Brit. another term for Yankee (senses 1 and 2).

  • ChristopherM


    By “ages now,” do you mean the four days Japhy has been in the job? Jeebus, can you give the guy five seconds to catch his breath before you get the other villagers together with your pitchforks and torches?

  • mabama


    Queerty is a U.S.-based blog and, while there are many important LGBTQ news items from around the world that they should be covering as well, incredible things have been happening in the U.S. LGBTQ community for the past couple of weeks. This isn’t bias; it’s an exciting movement that absolutely needs to be reported on in the hope that it will continue to gain momentum, perhaps outside of the United States as well.

    It is far too easy to blow things off to a “U.S. ostrich-like attitude.” But these generalizations are sickening and only lead to the same kind of prejudice that the gay rights movement is attempting to fight. It’s fine to respectfully ask for more international news, but your out-of-control xenophobic attack is unmerited and highly offensive.

  • tallskin

    mabama- Fine, fuck you all then, I shall not bother reading Queerty for a couple of weeks.

    I wish I could say I wish you all luck, but now I don’t give a fuck.

  • Woof

    @tallskin: And a good fuck off to you too….thank god we threw all that shitty tea in the harbor!

  • walt zipprian

    Looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the pond today.

  • Paul Raposo

    Let’s not forget that Canada, that 10 million square kilometer land mass that sits on top of you, will also be having protests in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Sault Ste. Marie, Calgary and Windsor in support of our American brothers and sisters.

    Here’s the Canadian link at Join The Impact:

    Now, we return you to your normally scheduled navel gazing.

  • Japhy Grant

    @tallskin: You know what? You’re right. I’ve been terrible at covering overseas stuff this week. Partly it’s because I’m still getting my bearings and partly because there’s been a lot of stuff happening in the U.S. Stick around. I promise you I’ll be covering international news as well.

  • Japhy Grant

    @tallskin: Also, as the post points out, this weekend’s protest is a global affair.

  • RyanInSacto

    How dare this FREE site not give you exactly what you want at all times. Can you believe the ABSOLUTE NERVE of that? Shocking.

  • wadkins75

    @tallskin: I’m sorry but is the nasty bitchfest necessary? We are all in a state of global urgency when it comes to civil rights and as Mabama states above this important issue ultimately affects everyone. So please, take a breath and relax. Or if you are so hell bent on getting the news, by all means, start a Brit based blog and join in the global dialog. But let’s back off on the petty frustrations that have you so riled up. Please.

  • The Gay Numbers

    What’s being done to turn all this protester interest into activist interest? I think I m going tomorrow,but I really do n’t want to just show up, march, go home and that be it. It’s a waste of time without long term building.. There should be someone there who is getting people to sign up for long term projects. This is the lesson of Obama. I don’t understand why no one in the gay community has moved beyond Moveon type approaches. I mean face book is great, but when Obama would have these rallies he would get people to instantly start acting like volunteers. Just an observation.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Okay never mind . I just went back to the site. I see they are taking more long range approach than when i visited a few days ago.

  • fredo777


    That dude was kind of a d-bag anyway.

    Make it a long two weeks, chummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-…p.

  • itsal

    @Japhy Grant: No need to apologize.

    1)Tall, yeah, yeah yeah–covering global news is important, too. BUT, this is a BLOG. It is one person posting relevant stories. Nobody posted comments last week asking America to tone-down the Presidential election and talk more about Sweedish politics.

    2) I’m guessin’ we can’t count on you to be proactive tomorrow…unless you count picketing Brian Williams for less stories about the economy and gas prices as being proactive.

    If global news is that important to you, get a copy of the NYT and STFU.

  • Wolf


    That attitude is part of the reason why we have so many problems here in the US also.

    I am sure other readers as well as myself have avted and done our best to as we could wit support and letters and solidarity against atrocities that take place against the Gay and Lesbian Community outside the US and then YOU have the AUDACITY at this time of Crisis with what Gays in the USA are dealing with to whine and bitch like a baby because a US based blog is covering and trying to pull together solidarity for a MAJOR CIVIL RIGHTS Battle in the USA concerning Millions of Gays, Lesbians and Trangendered people and currently not reporting Foreign Stories as much as they used to and you are NOT STANDING UP IN SPIRIT WITH US?

    YOU should be ashamed and all I have to say to you is FUCK YOU!

  • Wolf

    @Japhy Grant:

    Look Japhy we may not have started out on the right foot. But you have no need to apologize to him. Whats happening in the US is HUGE and affects MILLIONS of people. It is turning out to be the next Stonewall.

    Also according to Queerty’s demographics are as follows users come from these countries:
    United States70.4%
    United Kingdom3.5%
    South Africa1.7%

    Now I am not saying that other countries aren’t important. But Queerty reaches so many more Americans and this is a TERRIBLE time and we need all the info and news we can get.

  • L

    What a bitchy crowd this morning. I think Tallskin’s question is valid. Tall, I guess you know of (And, no… these stories are not in the NYT.)

  • Wolf


    Apologize but its a rough time here in the Staes you know.

  • ksu499

    Stop this unguided activism! HRC has just said we’re not supposed to do it, but instead to spend the time considering whether we have been considerate enough of other groups’ feelings.

  • A

    That map spells Pittsburgh wrong. But, otherwise, is very impressive.

  • fredo777

    I don’t apologize.

    Like I said, d-bag.

  • wadkins75

    @ksu499: Really? I’m not sure that the HRC is the voice of reason lately. I will continue to: write to/call friends, family, legislators; publish my thoughts on the mater; and attend rallies where I feel that my voice can be heard. Sitting around waiting for the HRC to tell us what to do next is inane.

    I am all for being considerate and am unsure where you think any of us have been inconsiderate. Conversely, Is it considerate for a group of people to tell me that I’m a second class citizen whose rights don’t matter? Seriously??

    Sit around and wait if you want. I will not.

  • Michael in DC

    @tallskin: My gosh Tallskin, overreact much? It’s just news.

  • Wolf


    And Lord knows they’ve done such a GREAT job in the PAST. The time for PASSIVITY IS GONE.

  • wadkins75

    @Wolf: Precisely! Thanks Wolf!

  • ksu499

    @wadkins75: That comment is satire, old boy. Unfortunately though, it’s what HRC is really saying. They don’t realize how inane they’ve become.

  • wadkins75

    @ksu499: I recognize satire. I was applauding the use there.

  • Trenton

    Jebus…they spelled Pittsburgh AND Philadelphia incorrectly…Their graphic designer must hate Pennsylvania.

    But a big “Sod off” goes to Tallskin, who would probably be all over this current issue if the prime offenders were muslims instead of mormons…

  • Sir Winston Thriller

    Couldn’t someone have done a goddam spellcheck on the poster before releasing it?

  • Brian

    @Paul Raposo:

    I hate to interrupt all the bitching, but your post seems to have gotten overlooked.

    A huge California THANK YOU to the good people of Canada, who have marriage equality and no vested interest in what happens here, yet are marching in solidarity with us. What a moving, classy thing for you guys to do. Just something to add to the long list of things to love about Canada!

    I don’t care what Homer Simpson says — Canada is not “America Jr.”! :-)

  • Trenton

    Exactly, Brian. Canada isn’t our Jr. It’s our pompadour coiffure. ( ^.^)~♥

  • PJ

    @tallskin: I agree that there may be more international affairs on this blog but this is the biggest issue currently happening in the US. But there is no reason to be belligerent about the fact that we are talking about Prop. 8. You have proven that you are reading up on the other issues; which is commendable, but there are a lot of other blogs out there that you can read. I even suggest reading them. The best way to get a balanced view of what is happening in the world is to be reading numerous blogs (as well as newspapers, magazines, etc.).
    Japhy is still trying to get on his feet here and he is still following many of the other formulae from the the previous editors. He needs time to find his own voice on Queerty. You may want to extend the same admirable compassion that you have toward international news toward Japhy. He is doing a great job for his first week and I can’t wait to see how well he is going to flourish with Queerty.
    In my humble opinion, everyone is getting a little up in arms here. Tallskin is welcome to his opinion even if it is a little bellicose. Please, everyone, let’s calm down and talk about what is important here and not attack one another. What we all need right now is unity. If Prop. 8 has done anything good, it is bringing the the American LGBTQ community together. This has been long needed to battle off the hypocrites who are trying to keep us off kilter. By arguing among ourselves, we are letting the bad guys win.
    Tallskin, please remember that when England won the right to marry, Queerty was there to report it. The same thing applies to Netherlands, Spain and Canada.
    The US is still fighting for that right. We are supposed to be a nation of equality and opportunity for all. We are not currently living up to that ideal. We need to talk about this issue. We need to organize against it. You may be reading about it for a while. That is the way it should be.
    Everyone please, let’s stay with intellectual discourse and let’s stop sticking our tongues out at one another. Let’s look at the article and discuss its repercussions.
    My school is having a march on Saturday in Montclair, NJ. There are marches going on in New York and Philadelphia this weekend. We need to concentrate on these marches. We need to focus on what matters right now. The US won a bittersweet victory on November 4. Although our new President Elect is against gay marriage, he is not going to stand in the way of it. This country is in economic trouble, we have a war in two countries and we are entering a time of transition. The US has a lot to worry about right now. We may be considered by the rest of the world as self centered but who is the first country to support its allies and pay restitution after conflicts. The US has tried to rally around starvation in Africa. The people here are still fighting to help fight genocide in Darfur. The US helped fight Apartheid in South Africa. We have a history of altruism toward third world countries. This is not an “ostrich-like attitude.” You may want to keep that in mind as you are attacking us for fighting for our own issues and helping you out with yours.

  • PJ

    Wow, I talk too much

  • Kenster999

    Japhy @13: dude, what a classy comment. Good on you! That’s a really good omen for a mature running on this board.

  • butterpantz

    @ tallskin…

    Start your own blog Mr Brilliant. We’re waiting….(toe tapping)

  • Kenster999

    I also am trying to figure out what to effect the long-term change that we need. I’ve come up with what I’m calling a “Marriage Manifesto”. It declares that everyone deserves marriage, and briefly lists how it’s good for everyone (including straight folks). If anyone is interested they can see it at:

  • itsal

    @L: Then…better luck yapping at NYT for global news than QWEERTY.COM.

    Think about it.

  • Jim

    @tallskin: Man, you probably would’ve lodged the same complaint in 1969, had this blog been around then and seemed stuck on the happenings surrounding a bunch of drag queens standing up for themselves at a little bar called the Stonewall Inn. Perhaps you’ve heard of it–the birth of the gay rights movement and all that? For some reason I keep noticing that this UK blog, seems to keep linking to what’s happening in the Sates as well the past few months…

  • Brian Miller


    If you don’t like the coverage on Queerty, an American blog, go start your own.

    Americans don’t troll the Daily Mail or the English queer bar rag web sites complaining that they’re not reporting on the latest queer happenings in Honolulu or Kansas City, do they?

  • Brian Miller


    That map spells Pittsburgh wrong

    It also spells “Philadelphia” and “Alexandria” incorrectly, but no matter. It’s an awesome map and whoever did it is brilliant.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Wow, PJ, you reduced me to a pile of tears, man.

    Talk too much? No way, man. You were spot-on and what you said, needed to be said.

    You mentioned that your school in Montclair is having a march on Saturday. If students like you are writing such beautiful, thoughtful and caring essays such as the one you just posted on Queerty, then I am tempted to say that the world may yet have a chance at becoming a better place in which to live.

    Well done, dude. Just wanted you know that there is one old fart here who used to live in West Milford, NJ before he retired to Florida in 1993, who heard you…loud and clear.

    You’re a bright light of hope in a dark sea of turbulence.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Japhy Grant: Tallskin apparently woke up this morning with a crossed hair in his asshole. Pay him no mind. That happens with crusty, old curmudgeons now and then. ;-)

    There are always those who are hiding behind the billboards, like the motorcycle police of old, laying in wait for an unwary drive to ambush. Tallskin obviously likes to ambush people before they have even had a chance to put the key in the ignition. lol

    I gotta tell you that I used to be a devoted reader of the blogs, until it became a site filled with homophobes, haters, bigots and people who just like being contrarians for the sake of being contrary, which ruined the whole experience of comraderie amongst we of the GLBT community.

    About six months ago, I started peeking in on Queerty from time to time and I must say that I find this site to be a much more pleasant, accepting atmosphere to spend time in and I have decided not to renew my premium membership with, despite their ‘glitzing’ attempts. The site still sucks. Even packaged in a shiny new candy wrapper., it’s still the same old cold turds inside.

    I just wanted to tell you that I think you are doing one bang-up job editorializing on Queerty. You’ve brought your own style with you which is just great. you just keep on doing your thing, man, and we’ll all be here eating-up on what you have to say.

    Tallskin will get over himself and, perhaps, after his self-imposed exile from Queetry ends, he will return a ‘reformed”, contrite man. lol

    We all love ya, dude. Just sayin….

  • mark

    Love the graphic, but it’s missing my location tomorrow

    Baton Rouge, LA

  • N Waff

    = “FIGHT THE H8”
    = SODOM AND GOMORRAH USA has awoken

  • Mark

    Just came back in from the cold. Went to the rally in the Loop in downtown Chicago. At least 1000 people were at Federal Plaza – directly across from the Obama transition HQ. A dozen speakers. Several were from CA. Lots of rainbow flags, lots of signs, very peaceful. The cops helped make room for more people when it got tight – and were cheered. Only 6 counter protesters were on a nearby intersection. Never heard or saw them. Just heard about their presence. Lots of great energy despite the high winds and upper 30s temps. Good crowd. Lots of support for CA. We’re in solidarity with you!

  • mark

    Just back from the Baton Rouge demonstration,
    Nice day here, but kinda windy outside City Hall.

    I found Cafe Press has t-shirts with the “Fight the H8” logo…..color me happy I bought 2.

  • Chris L.

    Philly protest: abt 1200 people, mostly young but not all, with a fair number of families and straight allies. Very diverse: a lot of clarity around not blaming, but reaching out and organizing. Since it was so virally organized, like those above I’m curious as to whether I’ll start getting marching orders, or at least updates on what people are thinking about the next stage.

    I also think the film “Milk” is going to end up a great boon. If you want to keep an issue in the spotlight, get Citizen Penn on your side….

  • Trenton

    Seattle turned out in a big way. I’m not sure how many there were, but it all seemed to go off without a hitch except for some speaker issues and one person fainting. Of course, it helped that we had some of the nicest weather we’ve seen in weeks all day long. A positively gorgeous day for insurrection.

    Off I go to the post rally celebration. Godspeed, everyone.

  • Chris L.

    p.s. I underestimated. Police estimates for Philly? 5,000.

  • Jim Provenzano

    San Francisco’s was sunny and bright; sound was awful, we couldn’t hear a thing. Then the Socialists started a march that went up Market St to the Castro, with, apparently, no reason.

  • froggyola

    @<a href=”#comment-97467Give us a break please. We are on the brink of a revolution over here! Read much????

  • TheSnitch

    ********* ATTENTION GAYS / HATE SITE ALERT **************
    This Website

    spreads HATE about gay people and has nudity on their site from the Folsom Street fair as “examples” of how “perverse” we are.

    They are asking for Donations through PAYPAL.

    ** Complain and report them to PAYPAL at [email protected] and [email protected] let’s have their PAYPAL ACCOUNT taken away from them for “TERMS OF SERVICE” violations.

    Paypal TOS clearly state there is to be no pornography /nudity , or Hate involved in the use of their service *see*

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