Prop 8 Supporter Maureen Mullarkey Still Hiding Behind ‘But I’m An Artist!’ Defense

• Eat shit and die, c–.
Eat c– and die, bitch.
You right-wing, heterosupremacist t–.
You are the moral equivalent of a Jewish Nazi. Roast in hell, you filthy c–.

• You should apologize for your deceit. Stop using us as your subject matter in this incredibly exploitative manner. You must realize that your actions are no different than an artist depicting the black community contributing to white supremacist organizations.

• How dare you use gay people as inspiration and then stab these people in the back by fighting to limit their rights. You are a disgusting, pitiful, opportunistic bitch

• I don’t understand why you would want to deny love in this world, no matter what form it takes. I can’t imagine your motives, can’t imagine your hate.

• Our parades are not the only place you can fulfill your artistic vision. .??.??. You could visit the Hasidic community. You know, them? They wear “unusual” clothes, too. There are so very many freak shows you can enjoy in this world.

• Homosexuals rule the World of Creativity, and that is whom you just f–ed with!

• You represent the most despicable type of artist and human being. I do hope that you feel the financial pain your actions will bring. May God bless you with financial ruin for your treacherous deed.

• Because I love delusional bigots, I hope you never see another dime, bitch.

• The grave ungood you have done is not only to us, lesbians and gays who expect no less than full civil rights in our own country, but ironically to your own art career. Unless you don’t mind showing at Reverend Rick’s or perhaps at Brigham Young University.

• At first I thought there should be a special place in hell for people like you. But then I thought, maybe purgatory! A dull, nothing kind of Catholic nowhere. Just like you!