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Prop 8’s Lawyer Andy Pugno Loses CA State House Race

Andy Pugno, one of the lead attorneys for ProtectMarriage/Yes On 8, lost his bid for a California State House seat. The Sacramento-area lawyer, whose campaign stops were often filled more with marriage equality supporters than supporters of his candidacy, received nearly $120,000 in television advertising from the National Organization for Marriage.

Before Tuesday’s vote, Pugno — described by AFER’s Chad Griffin as “the chief anti-gay activist in the state” — said, “I am not running for the Assembly to talk about social issues. My entire focus is on the economic crisis that California faces. In fact, I don’t think voters want to hear about gay marriage. They’ve already voted on it twice. Enough is enough.”

Well somebody is wrong here: The married father of three lost to pediatrician Richard Pan. (By just 3,380 votes.)