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Prop 8’s Supporters File 134-Page Appeal That’s Basically An Attack On Judge Vaughn Walker

Nope, that “citizen of the State of California” Robert Wooten isn’t the official representative of Prop 8’s supporters in the Perry trial. The actual defendant-intervenors are the good folks at and their friends at the completely rational Alliance Defense Fund, who had until midnight to file an appeal to Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling declaring Prop 8 unconstitutional. And they did just that — with three hours to spare!

The 134-page filing, of which 17 pages are line-by-line references to state statutes and other minutiae, says “all the evidence” presented in front of Walker — described as “egregiously selective and one-sided” — that “overwhelmingly acknowledg[ed] responsible procreation and child-rearing as the animating purpose of marriage” was “simply ignored,” and thus they should totally get to appeal this bad boy.

Moreover, supposedly, “The district court based its findings almost exclusively on an uncritical acceptance of the evidence submitted by Plaintiffs’ experts, and simply ignored virtually everything – judicial authority, the works of eminent scholars past and present in all relevant academic fields, extensive historical and documentary evidence – that ran counter to its conclusions.” Nevermind presented, uh, no conclusive arguments countering the plaintiff’s claims, and had their own witnesses admit on the stand that marriage, even the gay kind, is good for everyone, particularly families.

The plaintiffs, backed by the American Foundation for Equal Rights, have until next month to file their responses. I hope they use big words and legalese I don’t understand!

Full filing here: