Prosecutor: Only Heterosexual Erotica Is Good For Turkey’s ‘Public Morality’


While Turkey’s literary club is free to write about men and women getting it on with each other, stories about two women engaging in a little X-rated play goes too far. Which has one state prosecutor investigating the author and publisher of The ‘L’ State of Love, which traffics in “unnatural relationships.” The blog sexgenderbody relays:

The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation on the book “The ‘L’ State of Love” by Burcu Ersoy which was part of the “From Women to Women Story Contest” carried out by the Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association (Kaos GL).

The prosecutor’s office reasoned the investigation by claiming that lesbianism is “an unnatural sexual relation” and “obscene”.

Zeli? Deniz, member of LambdaIstanbul, a Turkish LGBT organization advocating for LGBT people’s human rights, objected to the given reason for the investigation: “In is unacceptable to consider and perceive lesbianism as “abnormal” in world that does not regard homosexuality as a disease”.

“Erotic and pornographic publications for heterosexuals can be printed, but at the same time an investigation is initiated on a book telling love stories between women. This is nothing else but homophobia”, Deniz added.

Worth noting: To investigate the crime of “spreading obscenity,” the prosecutor’s office must have, of course, read the book. That evil, unnatural book!