Prostitute Lover Sen. David Vitter Doesn’t Go to Work When Hookers Are Discussed


David Vitter, the U.S. senator from Louisiana, hates him some ACORN, the local community organization embroiled in the 2008 voter fraud scandal. In fact, Vitter would like to be known as “the Senate’s most outspoken critic of ACORN.” And he just might be! But it must be awkward to be the “family values” senator, once caught cheating on his wife with hookers, who comes out swinging against ACORN, because of that video showing staffers there helping a pimp and a prostitute.

Busying himself with a bill that would deny any federal funds to the group, Vitter has a decent argument to make with the video showing ACORN staffers supposedly helping out sex workers.

But yes, this is the same (anti-gay marriage) senator who, in 2007, had to apologize when his number was found in D.C. madame Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s call logs. And naturally, his opponents are jumping on it:

The Louisiana Democratic Party, however, points out a point of potential awkwardness for the senator — the fake prostitution ring the young conservative journalists at BigGovernment.com talked about, versus the very real ones Vitter was accused of having frequented.

[…] Vitter did not vote on Monday.

“For months, David Vitter has been leading the charge to deny federal money to ACORN, but as soon as the topic of prostitution comes up, he doesn’t even show up to work,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Spokesman Kevin Franck.

Franck suggests, per a press release, that “Vitter may have skipped the vote to avoid calling attention to his own admission that he frequented prostitutes.”

Vitter spokesman Joel Digrado says the senator missed his flight because of a scheduling error.

Scheduling error. Right. With his hooker.