Protect-IP Wants To Turn The Internet Into A Boring, Censorious Wasteland. Don’t Let Them

Right now the Senate has fast-tracked The PROTECT IP Act out of committee for a rushed vote. The PROTECT IP Act is a bill that would give the entertainment industry the right to shut down any websites offering access to unauthorized use of copyrighted material—such as songs, images and video—containing content from Hollywood film and musical productions.

The bill threatens to squash any new startups, search engines, social networking sites and yes, even Queerty.com under the guise of ending piracy (and believe us, life without Queerty sucks; we recently tried going without it… not a fan). Thankfully, this video provides info about the bill and what you can do to help stop it.

Don’t let them shut down Queerty, CuteOverload.com or your favorite Nikki Minaj-Madonna mash-up site. You’ll regret it.