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Protecting Texas’ Sanctity of Divorce Is a Full Time Job (That Deserves Minimum Wage)

Jeffrey Buck wants a gay divorce rilly bad from ex-partner Henry, but Texas’s attorney general won’t let him have one! That’s stupid, says, Bucks’ attorney Jody Scheske, because granting the Bucks a divorce would mean one less gay marriage in the state, and really, that’s good for everyone. Playing the gay Stephen Colbert, Bryan Safi explains why.

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  • j

    They’re getting less funny and more informative. :S They used to be both. I don’t like the salutes segment but I love the longer ones

  • Michael Ejercito

    The problem is that it is not all that clear that Texas law actually allows divorce in this case.

    Even if Attorney General Abbott did not intervene, there could be additional legal issues further down the road, like if there is further litigation in a same-sex divorce case and the partner that has to more to lose from the divorce argues that the divorce is invalid under Texas law. and the issue of the validity of the divorce comes up in court. Better that the Texas Supreme Court settle the issue now .

    There is another procedure to dissolve marriages not recognized in Texas; it is called voidance.

    I do understand why some same-sex partners are arguing in court that Texas law permits divorce, and alternatively, to the extent that Texas law forbids divorce of same-sex couples, it violates the U.S. Constitution. There are substantive differences between divorces and voidances.

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