Protest For Ex-Gay Publisher

Charlene Cothran’s back in action!

The “ex-gay” former Venus publisher has been hard at work on an inflammatory new project: a speech entitled “How Homosexuality Destroys Families, Not Just Values.” Sounds like a real winner.

Chicago-based Gay Liberation Network will protest Cothran’s appearance on March 13th.

As a publisher of Venus magazine, a publication formerly oriented towards African American lesbians, about a year ago Cothran apparently decided that the grass (and money) was greener on the Republican right, and has since become a tool of their movement and a professional gay hater. Her presentation, which is advertised as “free and open to the public,” will be at 7 PM, Thursday, March 13th at the Hoffman House, 7550 E. State Street in Rockford, IL

GLN will be car-pooling from Chicago to counter her lies, with our protest beginning at 6:30 PM that night. GLN invites all LGBT people and our allies to join in countering Cochran’s hate.

Those of you who want to say “hell no” to Cothran should email GLN: [email protected]