Protestors Stand Up To Homophobe At CA City Council Meeting

It started two weeks ago, when Richmond, CA, resident Mark Wassberg was speaking before the city council, which had just named June as Gay Pride Month. Discussing a young gay man who committed suicide, Wassberg laughed and said, “I think it’s funny.”

Among those present for his comments were teens from the RYSE Center, an area LGBT youth community center. Others spoke against the gay Pride month proclamation, but none so viciously as Wassberg.

Last night, he was back—but so were gay-rights supporters stunned and disgusted by his remarks. Even as Wassberg asked, “And what’s going to happen is if everybody turns gay? It’ll be the end of the world because nobody will be making babies,” the mayor had police escort him out.

Reports ABC 7:

In the end, the LGBT supporters got what they wanted. Each member of the city council signed a pledge to speak out against hate and intolerance.

Now a study session is scheduled in three weeks. The city council will bring in experts to discuss LGBT issues and it will be open to the public.

Have a nice life, Mark—don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!