Ps & Qs: Poo on you, Grant Storms

Southern Decadence boxers

• After Hurricane Katrina, bigots raced to say her impact was divine retribution for the openness of homosexuality in New Orleans. Grant Storms, an evangelist pastor from Louisiana, has in the past advocated the murder of gays and lesbians. This online shop allows you to purchase undies with his face pasted quite conspicuously. is one of the best sources on gay cruises. Though you already know too much about gay cruising, one thing this site can’t do for you is get your ass into the gym so you’ll have the body of your dreams for an actual sea-going cruise. Whether you want to tour the coast of Alaska or float in luxury in sight of Borneo, this site will help you do it with lavender pride.

• The charms of Provincetown don’t end with the waning summer; indeed, hot sex between utter strangers takes place there even in the dead of winter. Here you will find a solid introductory guide to travel in Provincetown, including information about off-season attractions.

• It’s never too early to think about how you’ll dress on Halloween.’s GayLife has gay-specific costume ideas as well as links to related topics such as the making of a Halloween costume. Look for me at the parade this year; I’m going as Amanda Lepore.

• Out counter-tenor sensation David Daniels has his own web site with useful tidbits about his recordings and appearances. You can even send him a personal message, but don’t confuse this class act with the “bargain counter-tenor” of P.D.Q. Bach fame.

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