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Marjorie is having a crazy meltdown on Twitter after agreeing to pay $10,000 to PAC she blocked

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is absolutely losing it on Twitter right now after reaching a settlement with a Los Angeles-based political action committee that accused her of violating its First Amendment rights when she blocked it on Twitter.

The antigay QAnon congresswoman has just reached a settlement with MeidasTouch LLC, which she blocked last month after it posted critical comments about her.

Greene has agreed to restore the group’s access to her Twitter page and not to block anyone else while she remains in office. On top of that, she will pay $10,000 to the PAC to cover its legal expenses.

“This was a swift and impactful resolution we are proud of,” co-founder Ben Meiselas said in a statement, adding that the group plans to donate the money to two nonprofit groups.

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Greene’s office hasn’t issued any comment on the settlement, although she did lash out against MeidasTouch on social media.

“Because of this PAC’s frivolous lawsuit against me, I’m not allowed to block people that threaten my life and my children’s lives every single day on social media,” she tweeted.

“And they are bragging about donating the money to organizations that want to take away my guns, so I couldn’t defend myself and my children, when people show up to murder us.”

OK, let’s not get carried away Marj.

MeidasTouch’s lawsuit cited a federal appeals court ruling from a few years ago involving Donald Trump that declared political figures can’t use Twitter’s blocking feature to silence critics on a platform “otherwise open to the public at large.”

Here’s how people responded to Greene’s over-the-top tweet…

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