Psychology Today Caves To Media Pressure, Bans Ex-Gay Therapists From Its Directory

web-psychology-today-coverEarlier this week we shared a story about Psychology Today’s decision to keep running paid listings for ex-gay therapists, but it appears that all the bad press was enough to get them to change their tune.

As of now, practitioners of ex-gay therapy will no longer be allowed to advertise their services in the publication.

Charles Frank, who runs Psychology Today’s directory, initially told HuffPost that he had no intention of meeting the HRC’s request to filter out the medically unsound treatment.

Though Frank said Psychology Today is “not a fan” of conversion therapy, he wrote in an email, “We take care not to sit in judgement of others by allowing or denying individual participation.”

“There are many reasons why one group of people take issue with another, especially around the sensitive subject of relationships and therapy,” he added. “The Therapy Directory cannot pick winners.”

Four hours after the piece ran on HuffPost, Frank released the following statement via Psychology Today’s website:

“The Therapy Directory has removed the individual whose profile included a discussion of conversion therapy. We have informed all Directory professionals that those whose profiles offer conversion therapy will be delisted.”

Frank has reportedly since removed all the profiles in question, saying, “It took me a while to track them all down.”