Public sex is literally destroying one of the most beautiful gay beaches in the world

Frisky vacationers on Ibiza’s famed Es Cavallet nude beach are causing major damage to the coastline’s protected sand dunes, and environmentalists have had enough.

The large beach has a popular gay section near the almost exclusively gay Chiringay restaurant and bar. Behind the beach are the island’s iconic dunes, which have become an unofficial cruising ground.

Now geologists and biologists claim all that rumbling in the dunes’ bushes is doing serious irreversible damage to the area, which is part of Sea Salines Natural Park.

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They say the action is “degrading” the dunes, ruining a unique feature of the island’s geological system.

Local paper Diario de Mallorca reports that the protected areas have been fenced off in response to the behavior, but if there’s one thing that can be said of guys looking to hook up it’s that they’re tenacious.

They’ve simply been jumping over the fence to access the dunes.

This is why we can’t have nice things.