How Larry Craig Altered America's Political Landscape

Public Sex, MSM and The End of The Culture Wars

During his post-scandal statement yesterday, Senator Larry Craig gave the media a perfect soundbyte, “I am not gay. I never have been gay.” No doubt news heads have heard those nine words countless of times since yesterday afternoon. No doubt you will hear them again.

“I am not gay. I never have been gay.” Those nine words will be etched as hard and as deep as former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey’s famous five: “I am a gay American.”

Craig’s nine words will define the end of his culture warrior career. For once he may not by lying. And, by some twist of political fate, Craig may be helping so-called “sexual deviants”.

Over an hour before Craig blasted the Idaho Newstatesman and again pleaded his heterosexuality, CNN’s Kyra Phillips interviewed police office Darryl Tolleson. An Atlanta Major, Tolleson’s arrested more the forty men fishing for sex in Atlanta’s famously cruisey airport.

During her chat with Tolleson, Phillips touched upon an issue that’s starting to be raised more and more: are public sex “offenders” necessarily gay. The gay media – including ourselves – have played up Craig’s alleged queerness. In fact, the gay media – namely: Mike Rogers – started the ball rolling on this case. Craig’s case, however, is not implicitly “gay”. It’s queer, to be sure, but not necessarily “gay”.