How Larry Craig Altered America's Political Landscape

Public Sex, MSM and The End of The Culture Wars

Of the the forty men Tolleson has arrested, he says, the majority are family men. We posted the video and transcript earlier, but here’s the money quote:

…A good majority of these men do have families. And that’s been a little bit shocking to us. You would think that it would be more of a gay issue. But overwhelmingly more and more we’re seeing that these are people with families.

Some of those arrested may qualify as closeted queers, but it’s certainly likely not all of them are motivated solely by shame. They may have sex with men, but it doesn’t make these men “gay”.

Had it not been for Larry Craig, we would have had more space to share a story that got bumped to yesterday’s Happy Endings. Unfortunately, the source article ended up getting trimmed to six words: “‘Homosexuality’ in India walks fine line.” Though seemingly incongruous, those six words have quite a connection with Larry Craig’s nine.