Publicist Defends Carol Channing

Some of you may remember Friday’s Happy Endings in which we linked an interview with legendary performer, Carol Channing (pictured looking quite fly in a tie).

In said interview, Channing apparently had a few choice words about the homos, i.e: she loves their support, but isn’t so keen on faggotry and its sinful ways. Well, it seems those statements may not be Channing’s, but may have been manipulated by the homo-journo, Kaizaad Kotwal.

In grand Hollywood tradition, Channing’s publicist, Harlan Boll, has released a statement insisting that Channing’s statements were taken out of context. He goes on to say that the reporter misconstrued the statements in order to “bash an icon” and “make a name for himself”. In the statement, republished over at Frontier Magazine editor Japhy Grant‘s website, the publicist insists:

[Kotwal] says he is quoting from a transcript which he doesnt have. He was asking questions of Carol that were clearly traps… With reference to the Bible – she said about gay marriage “You know what the Bible says about it … Nothing.” The interviewer failed to add that last comment in the quote to the interview.

Hmm, we don’t know who to believe in all of this. It’s definitely possible that the reporter in question, Kaizaad Kotwal twisted Channing’s words to make a better story. There’s also the chance that Boll simply wants to raise a smoke-screen of doubt to save Channing’s reputation.

We’ll let you guys draw your own Channing-related conclusions.