Publisher Joe Landry Out At Out

Less than a year after snatching EIC Aaron Hicklin from the cultured pages of BlackBook, Out publisher and senior vice-president Joe Landry has announced that he’s leaving the fag-rag.

So, where’s Landry sowing his publishing oats? BlackBook, of course. Don’t you love the rat fuck known as magazine publishing?

We asked around for a bit of explanation, but have yet to turn up anything concrete. One thing’s for sure, the formerly LA-centric Landry’s going to spending a lot of time in New York, where Blackbook and Out both have offices. If any of you kids have more information, we’ll gladly accept…

As for who will fill Landry’s seat? Your guess is as good as Out‘s – they’re apparently on the prowl.

Meanwhile, the Board of Directors got had a bit of a shake-up after Allen Morgan resigned yesterday. He’ll be replaced by Phillip Kleweno, former president of Princess Cruises. How appropriate…

(Update: FYI, Landry published all of LPI’s illustrious titles, including The Advocate, Out Traveler and HIV Plus.)

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