Stripped of Your Rights

Puerto Rican Gov. Mulling Gay Marriage Ban

Puerto Rican politics don’t often cross our radar, but they sure do when it involves the gays, as it does today.

Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila said he will authorize a May referendum on the legality of gay marriage. If two-thirds of politicos vote to ban same-sex nuptials, says the skeptical Vila, he will have no choice but to enact an exclusionary law:

Acevedo was asked about his support after the leaders of an association of 2,300 churches, the Pentecostal Brotherhood, said the governor told them in private that he would sign the bill.

“I told them that the people need more agendas that unite them rather than divide them,” Acevedo said. “But I also told them that if they have two-thirds of the legislature, well, I cannot get in the way.”

Resolution 99, as the measure is known, would amend the Puerto Rican constitution to establish that marriage is between a man and woman and that no other types of unions could be recognized as a marriage. It would make it harder in the future to allow civil unions or grant marital rights to unmarried couples.

Critics of the proposal, including the governor, argue the amendment is unnecessary because local laws already ban same-sex marriage.

We’re always intrigued by politicians who feel it necessary to pile homophobic laws on top of one another. You would almost think they’re trying to compensate for something. What they could be – well, your collective guess is as good as ours: their tiny dicks!