Puerto Rico Bans Same-Sex Discrimination ’til January

Puerto Rico’s outgoing Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila is playing a bit of political baseball with the incoming Governor by announcing yesterday that he has “prohibited government agencies from discriminating against same-sex couples.”

The move allows same-sex partners to apply for health benefits, but the newly elected Governor Luis Fortuño has promised to overturn the move when he takes office in January, claiming that protecting same-sex partners would cost the health care industry too much.

“We are not going to introduce anything that there isn’t money to implement,” said Fortuño, who also criticized Acevedo for waiting until the end of his term to sign the order.

Acevedo responded “”What I have done is simply broaden these definitions so more people are covered, and it doesn’t cost the government of Puerto Rico anything because if the person wants to include somebody they have to pay more.”

The order also prevents government agencies from discriminating on the basis of gender identity or sexuality.