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Puerto Rico’s Anti-LGBT Penal Code Makes Ricky Martin ‘Muy Triste’

ricky-martin-muy-tristePraiseworthy Puerto-Rican padre Ricky Martin has taken to his blog to express his sorrow over a shitty new penal code the 51st state is about to vote on. According to Edge, the revised “codigo penal de Puerto Rico” eliminates protections for LGBT folk from its hate crimes law.

The whole thing sounds generalmente estupido, seeing as ethnicity and religious beliefs would no longer qualify as hate-crime-related, while political affiliation, age and disability are included. So if I assault you because you’re an octogenarian wheelchair-bound Republican (such common targets!), that’s a hate crime; but if you get assaulted because someone hates Jewish transmen, that’s a no-go?

This isn’t a great move, especially when you consider the fact that “nearly two dozen LGBT Puerto Ricans have been murdered on the island since late 2009,” including “gay teenager Jorge Steven López Mercado, who was stabbed to death before his decapitated, dismembered and partially burned body was dumped alongside a remote roadside near Caye.” Ugh.

Here’s what Ricky had to say, as translated by Instinct magazine:

“I am very saddened by the turn it has taken in Puerto Rico on the discussion of the criminal code proposing to eliminate the aggravation in cases where crimes are committed by prejudice against the victim.

“Today, when great nations are focused on providing its citizens basic rights, some politicians of my country promote inequality and hatred. They should do a little homework and review the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted, a document declaring the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948 in Paris, which says “Everyone (citizens) are equal before the law and entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law ….”

Though he doesn’t mention the gays specifically, and he ought to, given Puerto Rico’s horrendous recent history of brutal action against LGBTs, at least he’s got the right idea. Hopefully the Puerto Rican Senate will get the message before the upcoming vote.

If not, it might be time for us and our allies to call these lawmakers. Or we could just get on Grindr and send their naughty legislators some DMs about it.

Photo via tiancastro’s Flickr

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  • Matt

    “nearly two dozen LGBT Puerto Ricans
    have been murdered on the island since late 2009”

    That might be the reason for this stupid move – they would like to hide hate crimes!

  • Charley

    No self-respecting gay tourist should visit the island.

  • bagooka

    @Charley: Or Georgia! Which is really just another sort of island.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    From what I’ve read, it seem that the Bahamas and none of the Caribbean islands are terribly gay-friendly. Maybe gay-tolerant like the French and Dutch islands, but none really stand-out as gay-friendly for tourists. Some of the “all-inclusive” resorts there will not even accept reservations if it’s two guys traveling together…gay or straight…they don’t want the gays and they don’t want “unaccompanied men” that might hit on the women-folk. (I suspect that their male-staff’s job, to be available and “willing” for a gratuity.) Jamaica and the Bahamas can be lethal.

    Key West and Miami’s about as far South as you dare venture, even Bermuda is suspect.

  • ngblog

    yeah, ricky’s so “triste” that he went to spain to apply for citizenship instead of affirming his heritage and fighting back against all the bullshit occuring in
    puerto rico.

  • Spike

    Rather curious given the Puerto Rican Tourist Bureau was one of the major sponsors of his recent tour. Great concert, I’m not headed to PR anytime soon.

  • the other Greg

    The 51st state? I heard that was Guam!

  • rono

    “penal” LOL!!

  • Matt

    @ngblog: Ricky is fighting back against all the bullshit occuring in Puerto Rico.

    From supporting Puerto Rico students, sports and celebrities, to supporting LGBT rights and LGBT activists like Pedro Julio Serrano.

  • ngblog

    @Matt: In other words, he’s outsourcing.

  • Red Meat

    All you rich gay tourists should be going to Argentina anyways since Summer just started down there. Go support the gay friendly country that passed Gay marriage.

  • CBRad

    @Red Meat: Argentina is too snobby though! (Even for me). I love Puerto Rico (and Puerto Ricans).

  • JoeyB

    Ricky, use your celebrity for something worthwhile and concrete, rather than to promote yourself, your latest record or book, or to hang out with your hubby in Spain with your twins. A blog or a tweet is not enough. Otherwise, you’re doomed to be another irrelevant famous person who thinks he can change society without really trying. You have the money, you have the clout, the connections and the outlets. So, what’s the problem then?

  • the crustybastard

    His quote was very impressively articulate.

    Ricky Martin’s grasp on the purpose of bias crime laws exceeds the comprehension of most American elected officials, and virtually the entire field of current presidential candidates.

    Viva Ricky!

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