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Puerto Rico’s Gov. Luis Fortuño Wants to Upgrade Gay Marriage Ban to Constitutional Amendment Status

Luis Fortuño, the Republican governor of Puerto Rico, has a grand plan straight out of the 1990s: ban gay marriage constitutional amendment. Are we really doing this again?

As these things before evermore predictable, Fortuño outlined his plan in front of a crowd of religious leaders.

Gov. Fortuño told a group of religious leaders Friday that he plans to consult voters about the inclusion of a constitutional amendment that would declare the exclusivity of marriage as the union between a man and a woman and to veto any legislation that would lower from 16 to 14 years old the age for a minor to legally consent to have sexual relations.

Fortuño made his remarks during a speech to religious leaders at the Nueva Cosecha Church in Carolina where he sought the support of conservative groups to help reduce the island’s high crime rate. The proposed vote in favor of the constitutional amendment declaring the exclusivity of marriage between a man and a woman would be part of the proposed vote that would amend the Constitution to reduce the size of the Legislature.

Nevermind that Puerto Rico already bans gay marriage there, and bans any recognition of it from other jurisdictions. But those were merely laws passed by the legislature. Getting voters to enact a constitutional ban would make it more permanent. And fun for children!

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  • JR

    So, he likes having sex with 14 year old girls? The loser probably can’t get laid so he has to resort to baiting and raping pubescent girls… He looks like Balky from ‘Perfect Strangers’ so I don’t wonder that women probably laugh at him!!! And I’m the pervert for sticking my schmekel in other consenting men’s butts??

    Bet he has a deep pit in his basement too and likes to sew human skins together…

  • Robert, NYC

    Lets hope a big tsunami comes along and swallows Puerto Rico up but first, get all the gays out of that homophobic cesspool, then mother nature can take care of the rest.

  • Sam

    @JR: It said he would veto any attempts to lower the age of consent to 14.

  • Vesper

    Ricky Martin – time to step up.

  • OutinPuertoRico

    I agree Vesper.
    It is time for Ricky Martin and so many other Latino celebrities, including Puerto Rican ones, to come out and fight for their rights. But, sadly, I doubt that will happen. This year Ricky is coming out (ummm, not really, not in that sense), with a new album, and he is sure to be doing the promotional rounds with that rag parading as journalism, “People en Espanol” magazine, showing everyone his made-to-order kids and talking about his memoirs (hmmm, I wonder if those will include a chapter on his relationship with one of the forever-jailed Menendez brothers, or how he got his bf out of Cuba?)
    It is despicable that with the crimes against gay men on the island, none of these people will step up and take a stand. Guess it’s easier to crusade against human trafficking in India than it is to face your people and speak your mind, huh Ricky?

  • Uhaditcoming

    Slowly, surely, steadily, the religious right has been taking over Puerto Rico.

  • NG

    Ricky Martin is of the religious right. I doubt very much anyone of us will be hearing from him about this.

  • luis p.r.

    wow queerty! I live in puerto rico and the day after the governor said that the governor’s mansion put out a statement saying he DOESN’T intend to raise hetero marriage to the constitution. so queerty please write the whole story not half of it. who the hell does the research on this site? really!

  • benlayvey

    Do you guys forget? Pretty Ricky has vowed never to let anyone know who he goes to bed with until the day he dies to Barbara Walters I believe in a 2000 Oscar special interview.

  • Mr.Woo

    Ricky needs to come to China and adopt more children since he can not find a woman on this planet haha. Sticky Ricky anyone?

  • Mike

    A person stands in front of a crowd of different people, the people are in pairs.

    The person steps up onto a podium and points at two people.

    “You two cannot marry”. The crowd nods sagely in approval.

    The person points at two more people.

    “You two also cannot marry”. The crowd nods sagely although one or two with less enthusiasm.

    The person points at a dozen more pairs

    “You people cannot marry”. The crowd is now fragmented, with many shaking their heads. Others cry out in approval.

    The person points at those who cried out in fervent approval. “You may not marry.”

    The people who were crying out in approval stop suddenly.

    The person stands on the podium and points at himself. “I may marry who I want .. for I stand here in the place of power”.

    The crowd have left him.


    Read into it what you will.

  • GayPR

    Boricuas and gays,,,becareful of this new book that is coming out about Puerto Rico!! Rumors have it that it is anti Gay!

    Here is the website, view for yourself: http://www.prlostdreams.com

    Let others know of this before it is too late!


  • GayPR

    I am wrong about the book. Now I hear that the author exposes in his book that many hospitals in Puerto Rico use dirty needles when it comes to patients with AIDS! Thanks TJ Mihelich for exposing this problem for homosexuals with AIDS in the island of Puerto Rico!
    Please accept my apology!


    visit this site to buy his book: http://www.iuniverse.com/Bookstore/BookSearchResults.aspx?Search=9781450211048

  • Arturo Guzman

    Governor Fortuno is a closet gay and has been for years, along with most of his top advisors.

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