These puns might make being single a little easier if you’re gay, bi, pan, or ace

If you’re single, you might get some comic relief from a meme going around the Internet — as you don’t find puns pun-ishing!

The meme reads:

“When you’re gay in your house with nobody else, you’re homolone. When you’re bi and there’s nobody else around, you’re biyourself. When you’re asexual and nobody is present in your vicinity, you’re aceolated. When you’re pansexual and everyone else already left you’ve been apandoned.”

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This image comes from a Tumblr thread from 2016 that has since inspired T-shirts, posters, and notebooks. (The Amazon listing for a notebook emblazoned that first pun reads, “This Notebook Is The Perfect Gift For Friends, Family, And Anyone Else Who Is A Gay.”)

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Anyway, Reddit users are loving the wordplay — or, at least, loving hatingthe wordplay.

One commenter wrote: “I hate this. I love this. I hate that I love this. I love that I hate this.”

Someone else said, “I hate this, and I love this. I’m as split on this meme as on my sexuality.”

Another person even came up with a pun for lonesome heteros: “If there is nobody you can talk to, you are having straight up a bad time.”

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